Team:William and Mary


Circuit Control

creating a toolbox allowing for precision circuit control

The Toolbox

Our project aims to provide a modular collection of genetic parts which can specifically and predictably tune the behavior of an arbitrary genetic circuit. This collection, which we have dubbed the “Circuit Control Toolbox,” consists of a suite of parts which can be added to the end of a given genetic circuit; each part provides a specific and independently tunable response which allows direct control over the ultimate output behavior of the circuit.

You can view our project description page here.


RBS Tuning

Synthetic Enhancer

Synthetic Enhancer Suite


Ribozyme Insulator

Binding Array

Decoy Binding Array


This year, we submitted 118 parts to the BioBrick Registry.

These are the highlights.

Basic Part

The 85x tetO array

Composite Part

Two-step synthetic enhancer + NRII mutant

Part Collection

The circuit control toolbox

All Parts

All the parts we've made this year



Medal Requirements