The purpose of the iGEM tracks is to help teams focus their projects. The subjects areas encompassed by the tracks aim to solve crucial global challenges; for examples, students have worked on projects related to environmental bioremediation, new medical delivery systems, and alternative energy sources using synthetic biology.

After conducting many experiments on tracks in 2015, we are making some refinements to the track structure in 2016.

NOTE: All teams are required to pick their track by the Track Selection deadline.

Standard Tracks

Changes to Standard Tracks

  • Health & Medicine will split into Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • Teams will be required to work with parts to win a medal
  • Standard track teams will be eligible for the Grand Prize
  • Standard track teams will be eligible to win special cross-track prizes like Best Software Tool, etc. corresponding to all of the special track areas (see special track list above)
  • Standard track teams will not be eligible for space in the special exhibition space at the Jamboree, in order to be fair to all standard track teams.

Changes to Special Tracks

  • New Tracks have graduated to Special Tracks
  • Special tracks will not be required to make parts to achieve a gold medal
  • Special tracks are eligible for most prizes, except the Grand Prize
  • We will offer cross-track prizes for all of these tracks. As with the current structure, teams in the Special Tracks will be ineligible for the equivalent cross-track prizes (teams in the measurement track will not be eligible for the measurement cross-track prize, for example)
  • These special tracks will have special showcase space at the Jamboree

Tracks in iGEM 2016

Teams can participate in the special tracks and have the showcase space for showing off giant robots, software demos, and art exhibitions to generate buzz about these things at the Jamboree. Or you can participate as a standard track team, make parts, and compete for these special prizes as well as the Grand Prize.

Remember, institutions can also send two teams to the Jamboree. We have offered this option to software and wetware teams for many years. You can decide to split your team into two teams later than the regular registration deadline, so you can start in the lab before deciding if you have a great special project you want to show off! As with every team, there will be a registration fee, but registering a second team will come with the multiple team discount. Keep in mind, two teams gives you two presentations, two posters, and two chances to win most of the special prizes.


Teams who participate in iGEM regardless of track need to meet the iGEM Requirements, unless otherwise stated. See the iGEM 2016 Requirements page.

Questions ?

If you have any questions please contact us or email HQ [at] iGEM [dot] ORG.