Role Fulfillment

  • Zhuoning Zou, Zepeng Mu, Yue Xu and Ye Yang designed the system.
  • Zhuoning Zou, Yue Xu, Yajin Mo, Ye Liu, Boyi Wang, Qingyang Tan and Yongming Li conducted experiments on screening degrading enzymes.
  • Ye Yang, Jianyi Huang and Ruiling Cai conducted experiments on building genetic circuits.
  • Zepeng Mu, Wenbo Wang, Yiqun Dang, Yushan Liu and Yueren Jiang conducted experiments on screening TA modules.
  • Wenbo Wang designed and assembled the hardware.
  • Yajin Mo, Ruiling Cai, Jing Kong and Qingyang Tan designed the logo and wiki pages.
  • Ruiling Cai designed the team’s banner at Giant Jamboree.
  • Boyi Wang designed and ordered the uniform of the team.
  • Shiyang Wang did the modelling.
  • Wenbo Wang worked as the financial manager of the team.
  • Jing Kong and Qingyang Tan built the wiki.


We thank Prof. Jiangyun Wang for providing the plasmid with MnCcP, a mutant of MnP (manganese peroxidase). We thank Prof. Chunbo Lou for providing the genomes of Bacillus subtilis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Photorhabdus luminescens.

We thank our Instructors, Hao Jiang and Xiaohong Liu, and Advisors Cheng Hu, Hua Li, Sha Wei for tutoring us.

We thank Tao Meng from Institute of Biophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IBP-CAS) for making the tank of our hardware.

We thank iGEM team from Nanjing University for sending us their hardware and fillers.

Experiments and Analysis

We cloned the gene of 133, 134, 136, 1198, 1204, 6249 toxin and antitoxin by PCR, and genes of 5693, 5694, 5695, 4222, 5980 toxin as well as that of tetX were commercially synthesized.