Team:Alverno CA/Attributions


The project idea was based on previous research conducted by Dr. Enoch Young at Caltech.
Plasmid quantification was performed by Sam Clamons, Vipul Singhal, and Reed McCardell at the Murray Bioengineering Lab at Caltech, using a NanoDrop. All other work on this project was done by the Alverno Heights Academy student team.
DNA sequencing performed by Laragen, Inc. and Bio Basic, Inc.
Students used Benchling.comto design plasmids.
Thank you to everyone who supported us so generously. This project would not have been possible without each and every one of you!
We would like to thank our mentor, Sam Clamons, for his incredible tutelage, and our school for supporting our team’s participation in iGEM. We had an incredibly fun and busy summer, and are so grateful to be a part of this year’s competition.

Extra Special Thanks To:

The Richard Murray Lab at Caltech for the loan of essential biotechnology equipment. We would like to thank Professor Richard Murray, specifically, for his great support of science education and for supporting our research in a multitude of ways. Also, thank you to Reed McCardell and Vipul Singhal for their assistance in using the Murray Lab NanoDrop.
Amgen Biotechnology Experience and Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative for the loan of equipment and supplies. Particularly Dr. Wendie Johnston and Grace Montgomery for providing education, and acting as an amazing model of how to encourage the growth and development of science education.
The Community Science Academy at Caltech, Dr. Julius Su, and James Maloney for their inspiring approach to science education, for generous loans of equipment, and general awesomeness.
Bio Basic Inc.for sequencing support, discounts, and technical advice.
Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)for free DNA and discounts.
GenScript USA Inc. for their generous financial support in awarding us the Gold Medal iGEM CRISPR/Cas9 Grant. Our research would not have been possible without it.
New England BioLabs Inc. for donations of supplies. for inviting our team to (successfully!) participate in their iGEM fundraising campaign.
Alverno Heights Academy for generous financial and emotional support, and for always being our cheerleaders!