Team:Arizona State/Collaborations


Throughout the year, we contacted several iGEM teams to collaborate on our projects. We reached out to high school teams, which may not have the resources to sequence plasmids or parts. The two teams that we collaborated with were the Urban Tundra team from Edmonton and Broad Run Northern VA from Baltimore. We helped characterize their parts by sequencing plasmids and aligning them with predicted sequences.

Urban Tundra

We collaborated with the Urban Tundra iGEM team from Edmonton, Canada. The team was unable to sequence the plasmid that they designed, so the ASU team offered to sequence their plasmid via the Core Laboratory at ASU. The sequence information was collected, aligned using, and then the Urban Tundra team was sent instructions on how to view the shared data.

The following plasmids were generated, one with malE SP gene (SP+) and one without (SP-). The aim of this project was to cleanse toxins from Martian soil through the bioreaction of between Chlorite Dismutase and chlorite ions. Sequencing helped them to identify a mutation in one of their constructs!

CPB38(Cld SP+)

CPB38(Cld SP-)

SP+ Plasmid Sequence

SP- Plasmid Sequence