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We are all students at UT Austin with a passion for biochemistry and kombucha. Because of these passions, we collectively strove to understand and recreate our favorite carbonated tea. We became the 'Bucha Bunch. Our team has been working tirelessly this year to bring our kombucha project together. We would not have been able to present our research without invaluable guidance from our advisors and principle investigators.

The 'Bucha Bunch


Aziz Al'Khafaji


Sean Leonard

Degree: PhD candidate, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Hobbies: Being snarky, eating tacos, taking pictures of my pets
Favorite Song: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel

Dacia Leon


Principal Investigators

Primary PI: Professor Jeffrey Barrick, PhD

Prof. Barrick's has mentored the UT Austin iGEM team since 2012. The Barrick Lab works on biological engineering projects at the intersection of synthetic biology and evolution.

Secondary PI: Professor Dennis Mishler, PhD

This is Dr. Mishler’s third year advising the UT Austin iGEM team. He leads the synthetic biology FRI stream, “Microbe Hackers”, at UT Austin. This research lab course introduces freshmen to research during their spring semester.