Our project is a real-time inspection system for breast cancer detection, which can make that process more convenient and rapid though without the professional operation.



Mr. Doctor is an Android medical application based on JAVA and Android XML language. It can gather data from raspberry-pi through Bluetooth serial port, and then make analysis. Finally, it will show intuitive data with several graphs and charts. What's more, it has a connection with the health application comes with phone. Obviously, it is a well-rounded and powerful family-used medical application.


Our hardware is an open source hardware solution for pre-cancer detection in non-laboratory environments, such as community hospitals. Engineering bacteria’s cultivation and detection were integrated in one machine, low cost and convenient operation make it has good potential for promotion.


The goal of making this game is embedding science into game, to expand the accepting crowd of scientific knowledge. This game is a 2D horizontal board scroll category casual games. Each level of the game contains the method of a specific disease environmental problem, and different levels have different story backgrounds and ways of playing, which make the game become more interesting to play.


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iGEM_BIT is an iGEM team aims to make undergraduates have an all-round development, and we underline the comprehensive quality and ability of scientific research as the core of our team.


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