Team:Baltimore BioCrew/Safety

BioCrew Safety

To insure the safety of our team and the world outside of our operations, we took many steps to negate the possibility of the biological destruction of humanity. Here are the steps we used:


We used two types of enzymes, Lipase and Chlorogenate Esterase,to place within E.Coli. These enzymes are not harmful and our team makes sure to properly handle each bacteria in order to prevent contamination.

Lab Safety

To prevent the possibility of any physical injuries or contamination, proper lab safety procedures were adhered to at all times. These procedures include:
  • Wearing proper lab equipment (gloves, goggles, and closed-toed shoes)
  • Disinfecting the labspace (Sterilization, Disinfection, Antisepsis, and Cleaning)
  • Following chemical safety procedures
  • Maintaining a neat and well organized work environment
  • Using bleach to sterilize unused cultures
  • Keeping food and drinks out of the lab
  • Disposing of chemical waste in the proper trash bin (chemical waste bin)