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This page is used by the judges to evaluate your team for the Best Supporting Entrepreneurship award.

Delete this box in order to be evaluated for this medal. See more information at Instructions for Pages for awards.


In previous years, iGEM had an entrepreneurship track. Teams were encouraged to build projects and focus around commercializing their work. We have now moved to an award as the best work in this area may come from teams who are not solely focused on entrepreneurship.

The Best Supporting Entrepreneurship award recognizes exceptional effort to build a business case and commercialize an iGEM project. This award is open to all teams to show that entrepreneurship is something all teams can aspire to do with their project. This award can go to an new project, or to a previous project that a team aimed to commercialize. Have you filed a provisional patent on your project/device/process? Have you raised money to build and ship products? Have you pitched your idea to investors and received money? Complete the entrepreneurship section on the 2016 Judging form and tell us what you did. As always in iGEM, the aim is to impress the judges!


You can look at what other teams did to get some inspiration!
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