how we interact with society.

  • Our team members come from all parts of China, covering five parts of China's east and west, north and south. While we do our project, all of us have some presentations in our hometown to introduce our project. After this, they have a more intense interest in genetic engineering and know what we want to do through this project. Thus, more people learned about iGEM through this project and willing to engage the job in it.













    We also did a survey on how many people have relatives or friends with CVD, and we found that 50.67% of these people are using medicines which contain tanshinone, so that greatly proves that this medicine has an important effect in curing CVD. People who are taking this kind of medicine also have positive testing results on many metrics. Finally, almost 30% of the petients want to use our medicine, if we finally produce it, so there'll be a bright future for Tanshinone, which we are currently studying at in our project.















    We looked for some sponsors and explained our project. They were amazed at what we thought and supported our projected through helping us produce uniforms and providing experimental equipment and funds. They are International teenager competition and communication center; Genewiz biotech Co. Ltd; Beijing ZHKH medical Co., Kltd.; Anhui Haofang electromechanics Co., Ltd; Yifeng pharmacy; Runtian pharmacy. And they said that  they will put more attention into education, and let more children get a good education, cultivate more people who can contribute the society just like us.