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Research safety:

  • For our safety, everyone must wear lab coat, gloves and surgery masks in the lab
  • Before carrying our project, our instructors have trained us well with lab safety and every step of the experiment to make sure that we can conduct the experiments properly and safely.
  • Everyone must sterilize their hands before and after experiment.
  • Because we are all teenagers, we conducted our experiment under supervision of one of our instructors.
  • Food and drink were not allowed to bring into the lab.
  • Emergency equipment was prepared and our instructor taught us how to use them.

Equipment safety

  • We should be careful with every equipment when we conduct our experiments
  • For every equipment we used, our instructor guided us practice using them and made sure every one of us can use them properly.
  • Liquids should be away from equipment
  • The equipment was unplugged and kept well after every experiment

Environment safety

  • All lab waste must be collected and treated properly, so that they will not pollute the environment
  • All the materials containing E.coli must be sterilized before disposal
  • Salvia miltiorrhiza and E.coli we used are harmless to human beings or nature.