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Human Practice (Silver)

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Tsinghua July 19th, 2016

On July 23th, we went to Tsinghua University with our questions and initial ideas to communicate with the members of Tsinghua team. They helped us solve the problems and taught us more about iGEM and genetic biology. Then we discussed the ideas and programs of the iGEM teams a few years ago. This communication helped us build up a clearer understanding of synthetic biology and iGEM.

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BIT-China July 23th, 2016

On July 25th, we visited the iGEM team of BIT-China. They showed us their iGEM progams in the past two years, shared with us the difficulties and challenges they met and the ways for them to solve the problems. They also guided us on the designing and making of Wiki.


We did a survey (500 questionnaires including online and in community )on how many people have relatives or friends with CVD, and we found that 50.67% of these people are using medicines which contain tanshinone, so that greatly proves that this medicine has an important effect in curing CVD. People who are taking this kind of medicine also have positive testing results on many metrics. Finally, almost 30% of the petients want to use our medicine, if we finally produce it, so there'll be a bright future for Tanshinone, which we are currently studying at in our project.


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On October 2nd,2016, some members of BNDS-China visited us to exchange their work with ours. Both of the teams presented their ideas, experiments, and results. Through this discussion, we got to know about their amazing idea and were enlightened by some of their suggestions.

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