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Paper's and Presentations

From our start with iGEM this year, we have tried to learn all aspects of synthetic biology. To aid us in this, we started a journal club and presented our readings each week. This page gives everyone a list of which paper's we read and direct access to the presentations we gave.


1. An Enzyme-Coupled Biosensor Snables (S)-Reticuline Productions in Yeast from Glucose (Nature Chemical Biology. DOI: 10.1038/NCHEMBIO.1816)


1. John E. Dueber uses yeast cells to generate (S)-reticuline, an important metabolic step on the pathway to producing morphine. A biosensor coupled to the pathway allows them to detect, via a yellow pigment, how much (L)-DOPA is being produced, which is another metabolite in the pathway. Overall they have succeeded in creating this metabolic pathway in yeast and created a new phenotypic marker for synthetic biology

2. DNA-guided genome editing using the Natronobacterium gregoryi Argonaute (Nature Biotechnology. DOI: 10.1038/nbt.3547)

2. Our PI Dr. Cheng and our team member Mackenzie outline a new form of DNA-guided genome editing discovered by Gao et al. According to Gao et al, This technique functions similarly to CRISPR-Cas9 but has some advantages in it's specificity.

3.An Engineered Microbial Platform for Direct Biofuel Production from Brown Macroalgae. (Science. DOI: 10.1126/science.1214547)

3. The researcher in this paper inserted enzymes into E. coli that are first secreted in order to break apart the alginate into smaller fragments before digestion, and they got the enzymes from Brown Macroalgae. This paper was particularly interesting to us because it focused on using lignocellulose as a biofuel source, which was very similar to the theme of our project.

4. Microbial Sequencing - Emily Lamoureux

4. This presentation is not a Journal Club presentation, but it was helpful for our sequencing experiments. Emily gave us an overview of Illumina sequencing and what the bioinformatic pipeline looked like.

5. Microbiome Data Presentation - Landon Getz

5. While not a Journal Club paper, Landon presented the data we collected from our microbiome survey at one of our meetings. This presentation was a rough overview and brainstorm session for our microbiome data.