Team:Dalhousie Halifax NS/Parts

Below is a list of new parts we contributed to the biobrick library. You will find a more detailed description of what we have done in terms of biobricks here.

Endoglucanase Enzyme

The endoglucanase enzyme was taken from the thermophillic bacteria Ruminiclostridium thermocellum. The endoglucanase enzyme cleaves internal Beta-1,4-D-glycosidic bonds in the cellulose crystal to release the disaccharide cellulobiose. It was cloned into the pBS vector as well as the standard shipping vector for the biobrick library. We are currently in the process of testing it's functionality and secretion in the E. coli host it is currently inside.

The part number for this part is BBa_K2160000

Dalhousie iGEM 2016