Team:EMW Street Bio/Attributions

Biota Beats - by EMW Streetbio


Member Contributions

  • Microbiome Records - Thras, Viirj, Mary, Ani, David
  • Incubator - Viirj, Eric
  • Culturing - Mary, David, Keerthi, Alex, Yixiao, Keerthi, Rachel, Ani, Shannon
  • Sonification - Yixiao
  • Outreach - Matt, David, Alex, Yixiao
  • Safety - Keerthi
  • Logistics - David, Shannon, Keerthi, Thras
  • Wiki Master - Thras

Many thanks to ...

We would like to thank Ginkgo Bioworks for hosting our first Youth Science Initiative workshop, “Making Molecules,” in their space and allowing us to show off Biota Beats to a group of enthusiastic kids!

We would also like to thank Jeff Cott, EMW’s Design Director, for designing the poster for the Youth Science Initiative and the logo for Biota Beats.

Advisors for the sonification aspect of our project:

  • Eric Rosenbaum, co-creator of MaKey MaKey. With a background in neuroscience, music, and education; his work explores the intersection of music, play, and improvisation.
  • Dan Novy, PhD student at the MIT Media Lab building computer systems you control with your brain.

Synthetic Biology Course

In 2015 and 2016 EMW Street Bio has been a site and home for the international course, "How To Grow (Almost) Anything", a synthetic biology course directed by Professor George Church of Harvard University, with our PI serving as faculty and program manager. Many of the students in the team took the course last year and two are taking it this year. The 2016 syllabus can be found here:

We started brainstorming for our iGEM project idea in May 2016 based on what we learned in this course, but focusing on hardware components. In September, we decided to build Biota Beats.