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A project like this is not feasible without the kind support of a lot of different people and companies. This page is only for all of those who helped us with all kinds of advice, material and financial support, and of course also mental support in the phase of teambuilding. ;) The first members started meeting at the end of march, kindly supported by Jun. Prof. Maximilian Ulbrich and Dr. Nicole Gensch who have been working with the last two iGEM-team as well. As the project had settled and the first experiments were done we were really glad to welcome Prof. Wolfgang Schamel in the instructor team.
Wolfgang iGEM 2016 Team
Wolfgang iGEM 2016 Team
Immunologist and Protein Biochemist - Professor at BIOSS
Max iGEM 2016 Team
Max iGEM 2016 Team
Doctoral degree in Biophysics - Research Group Leader at BIOSS
Nicole iGEM 2016 Team
Nicole iGEM 2016 Team
Doctoral degree in biology - Head of Toolbox at BIOSS
The process of finding a suitable project can be really time consuming and frustrating since every project has their limiting aspect and the overall bounding time factor. After countless discarded ideas we started discussing the work of previous iGEM teams.

“Beadzillus” by LMU Munich from 2012 caught our attention and interest. To get some inside into working with Bacillus subtilis, we were in contact with Julia Bartels from Munich who was part of said team from 2012. She has contributed a lot of material and gave us valuable advice to get started. She has helped us immensely which we are very grateful for.

Once we had agreed on a project we could finally start working in our lab at BIOSS. The BIOSS institute is the reason we were able to take part at this year’s iGEM competition. Without its generous funding and access to its conference rooms, labs and hardware, we couldn’t have done it. A big thank you to the BIOSS.

To cope with the work we separated the team in 5 “special forces” groups. Cloning - Spore production - Protein cleaning - Adhesion - Enzyme activity. You can see more about this on the Team page.

On all parts of lab and experiments we get help from Adrian and Luisa. Not sure how to plan your controls? Ask Adrian and Luisa! They both participated in iGEM before and help us with protocols from their teams and general lab challanges.
Adrian iGEM 2016 Team
Adrian iGEM 2016 Team
Beside working on his doctor thesis, Adrian was always there to support us. He gave important input on the experimental design and helped keeping the team spirit up.
Luisa iGEM 2016 Team
Nicole iGEM 2016 Team
Luisa was a member of Team Freiburg 2015. She always provided us with iGEM specific tips and told us about important things we need to keep an eye on. Besides helping out with first steps in the lab, she also supported us out to get through finances forms.
Our project consumed a lot of material - to make sure we never stand there empty-handed we had the support from following sponsors:
Attributions Summary
PersonAttribution Summary
Jun. Prof. Maximilian UlbrichAdvisor- From the first meetings on, Max has been our supervisor and led us through the phase of finding an idea. He was always around to give us some positive input and motivated us to live up to our full potential.
Dr. Nicole GenschAdvisor - As head of the laboratory at the Toolbox , Nicole was almost always in the building to answer our questions, gave experimental support, helped us design the presentations and took care of our orders.
Dr. Adrian FischerAdvisor - Adrian was also part of former iGEM teams and could give us some great advice on the general concept of iGEM. Furthermore he was always there for us to discuss certain topics and gave his input on the experimental design
Luisa KeilholzAdvisor - As a part of last year's iGEM team, Luisa gave us some insight on the important parts we had to focus on and made sure we write amazing texts for our external wiki.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang SchamelAdvisor - Wolfgang joined our team in september and was of unbelievable help and brought a new way of thinking to our project. He also made sure he was there for any consult especially regarding our wiki texts.
TU München and Julia BartelsA big thank you goes to the previous iGEM team TU munich 2012 and especially Julia Bartels for providing us with some Bacillus subtilis strains and establishing the groundwork for our project
AG AlbersIf we ever were in desperate need of some chemicals, we could always count on the AG Albers to help us out without even thinking about it twice. Of course, we made sure to pay them back in forms of delicious cakes and laboratory material.
AG Weber & RömerWhenever some equipment in our lab didn’t work as we wanted it to, the group of Prof. Weber and Jun.-Prof. Römer would naturally let us use their equipment. It is so much fun working under this cheery working atmosphere.
Dr. Giulia MizzonGuila is responsible for the microscope and generously gave us an introduction on how to use it properly. She also gave us some input on how we could improve our experiments.
Dr. Pavel SalaveiDr. Pavel helped us understanding the process of purification of the nanobody better and thankfully provided us a sample of purified nanobody to use.
Kathrin PensoldIt is Kathrin Pensold’s task to handle the financial administration of the BIOSS. She was always there for us to help with the management of our finances.
Katrin AlbaumKatrin Albaum is in charge of the BIOSS Public Relations and the BIOSS blog, in which we were also featured.
Shqipe DorociWe are very lucky to have someone who is making the plates, media and puffer for us. Thanks to her, we never had to worry about running out of those materials.
Unicross FreiburgA huge help for the public relation part, was the uni radio “unicross” from Freiburg. We had the possibility to talk about our project and about synthetic biology in general.
iGEM team 2015We also want to thank the previous iGEM team for all of their support, helpful tips and their assurance that it all gonna work out fine.
BIOSS and Dr. Johannes KaiserLast but not least, we want to thank the BIOSS again. Not only for their amazing financial support , but also for the ability to use the laboratory and being able to work in this very supportive environment.
Task list
Niklas VesperLab Group 1, Modeling
Nathalie WagnerStudent Team Leader, external Wiki, Presentation
Katharina OstmannLab Group 3, Sponsoring, Human practices
Danja SteinbergLab Group 2, Sponsoring
Wladislaw StroukovLab Group 1
Mario Ramos GarciaLab Group 5
Vivien JesenofskyCollaborations, Presentation, Human practices
Christina Imkea Saw Zoina SoonLab Group 5, Collaborations
Syed Mohsin AliModeling, external Wiki
Kevin KieselmannLab Group 4, Sponsoring
Christian MassuteLab Group 4, Sponsoring, Travel organisation
Lucy Wong Medical Questions
Yannic SchäferPictures, Videos, Sponsoring
Zaid Ur RehmanModeling, External Wiki