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Integrated Human Practice
“The power to question is the basis of all human progress.”
                                - Indira Gandhi

Thankfully all our questions have been answered by the public and some experts. We were able to assemble informations, which wanted to be shared. Now it was our time to reach out and answer the concerns and questions of others regarding our project and the synthetic biology itself.

According to our survey most participants are still skeptical when it comes to synthetic biology. This can be explained by its novelty in today’s field of science. There is still a way to go to spread it in the public awareness. Genetic engineering, GMOs and the production of medication, bacteria good or bad? Getting confused is easy, but staying confused is a choice. Consequently, we want to enlighten the public about synthetic biology and our project.

We’ve based the structure of our wiki and the way we present our project in general on the information we’ve received from these surveys. Therefore, we knew on which basis we could build onto and how we could focus on the unclear parts in a more detailed way to reach a better understanding in the public’s view. We hope we were able to give something back, so everybody benefits equally.

Posted by: iGEM Freiburg

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