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Medal Criteria

Bronze medal

  • Registered for iGEM, have a great summer, and will attend the Giant Jamboree
  • Met all Deliverables on the Requirements Page
  • Created an attribution page on our wiki clearly indicating work done by the students and distinguish it from work done by others.
  • Part Submission / Contribution: Documented at least one new standard BioBrick Part or Device central to our project and submit it to the iGEM Registry. We submitted 3 BioBrick parts: BBa_K2127001, BBa_K2127002, BBa_K2127003

Silver medal

  • Validated Part / Contribution: Experimentally validate that at least one new BioBrick Part of our own design and construction works as expected. Our submitted part for this requirement is: BBa_K2127002
  • Collaboration: Convince the judges you have helped any registered iGEM team in a significant way by, for example, mentoring a new team, characterizing a part, debugging a construct, modeling/simulating their system or helping validate a software/hardware solution to a synbio problem. We collaborated with Team SCU-China on policies and practices related to Intellectual Property Laws in our respective countries, Canada and China. We also collaborated with Team UrbanTundra_Edmonton on introducing the concept of synthetic biology to a local junior high school. Additionally, we collaborated on the development of the DNA Origami Library for the existing iGEM Registry.
  • Human Practices: For policies and practices, our team focused on Intellectual Property, its definition, features, and challenges. As such, we’ve compiled our studies to allow other future teams to easily access and understand the general landscape of Intellectual Property in Canada and China

Gold medal

  • Integrated Human Practices: We’ve thought deeply and integrated the investigation into Intellectual Property rights in Canada after consulting with TEC Edmonton, our local incubator for entrepreneurs in technological ventures.
  • Improve a Previous Part or Project: Further characterized Macquarie_Australia iGEM team’s 2015 BioBricks submission for Photosystem II. We conducted computer modelling to include isoelectric points, hydrophobicity, secondary structures and 3D protein molecular models.
  • Proof of Concept: Due to the scope of our project, we focused on developing the key building blocks of our overall vision; to directly attach our DNA nanowire to Photosystem II to capture electrons and generate a current. The first proof of concept is successfully purifying a multi-subunit transmembrane protein complex using a single His-tag that does not disrupt photosystem II activity. We have demonstrated that the purified PSII protein is active and generates free-electrons. Our second proof of concept, is the successful formation of our DNA Origami nanostructure as confirmed by gel electrophoresis and transmission electron microscopy.
  • Demonstrate your work: Show your project working under real-world conditions. To achieve this criterion, you should demonstrate your whole system, or a functional proof of concept working under simulated conditions in the lab (biological materials may not be taken outside the lab). Due to ongoing experimentation, we hope that our proof of concept will ready for the Giant Jamboree. Please check our presentation or poster session for updated project progress.

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