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Project Attributions

On behalf of Ingenuity Lab’s 2016 iGEM Team, we thank our Director and Principle Investigator: Dr. Carlo Montemagno. Our Secondary Principle Investigator: Dr. Gane Ka-Shu Wong. Especially for their never-ending support and guidance.

  • All lab work including primer and Biobrick construct design, PCRs, minipreps, cloning, transformations, cyanobacteria growth, photosystem II protein purification, PSII proteoliposome reconstitution, oxygen evolution assays, DNA origami reactions, gel electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, nanodropping, blotting were performed by the student members of the iGEM IngenuityLab_Canada only.

  • We are forever grateful to our advisors/instructors for offering their extensive scientific expertise, both experimentally and in computational modelling: Sibel Cetinel (Molecular Biology), Hiofan Hoi (Molecular Biology), Hosna Jabbari (Computational approach to nucleic acid origami), Prashanthi Kovur (Teslaphoresis), and Kyle Minor (Artificial Photosynthesis, Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, and Photosystem II Purification).

  • Acquisition of the His-tagged CP47 to Photosystem II complex mutant Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 was obtained from Kyle Minor who obtained it from Dr. Terry M. Bricker of Louisiana State University.

  • Special thanks to Kyle Minor (Ingenuity Lab) for teaching us the culturing techniques for growing Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. In addition to teaching us how to purify photosystem II protein.

  • Critical insight into genetic engineering in cyanobacteria that led us to confidently design our Biobrick constructs: Professor George Owttrim, Faculty of Science, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

  • Professor Michael Ellison (Biochemistry, University of Alberta) for testing our octahedron DNA nanoparticle as a proof of concept for an updated iGEM Registry submission standard. Specifically for DNA Origami parts submission.

  • A huge thank you to Ingenuity Lab’s Laboratory Support Staff for receiving our orders, maintaining a clean laboratory space, and general organization of lab space: Jeanine Koshelek, Matthew Christensen, JoJo (Hang Zhou), and Diana Pham

  • A huge thank you to Ingenuity Lab’s Administration Team for processing our orders, administration guidance and support: Susan Kuzmak, Melissa Germain, Jeffrey Germain, and Shaoli

  • DNA Synthesis of BioBrick parts, DNA oligonucleotides was purchased from IDT DNA Inc. thanks to their generous offer to all iGEM 2016 teams.

  • Transmission Electron Microscopy Facility: Dr. Xuejun Sun and Mrs. Priscilla Gao of the Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  • Nanodrop Usage: Biochemistry Facility, maintained by Angela Brigley, located in National Institute for Nanotechnology, Edmonton, Canada

  • DNA Sequencing: pay-per-use service offered by the Molecular Biology Service Unit (MBSU), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

  • Policies and Practices (Intellectual Property Rights in Canada): TEC Edmonton and Martin Ferguson Pell

  • Policies and Practices (Intellectual Property Rights in China): Sichuan University iGEM team (SCU-China)

  • Funding and Professional Development Workshops: MindFuel and geekStarter (AITF Alberta)

  • Website Design: World News Media Limited. London, United Kingdom

  • DNA Origami and Photosystem II Animations: Danny Kinsman

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