Attribution Team:LZU 2015



The LANZHOU iGEM 2016 team consists of 1 graduate students, 14 undergraduate students and 6 instructors. The main part of our project was finished by students from LANZHOU iGEM. We would like to thank our 6 instructors sincerely, for their time and efforts on helping us complete and improve our project. Our work can be divided into 7 parts which are shown as follow.. Each part of work was finished by several team members.

Wet Lab Work

Our wet lab work can be divided into three parts: Part construction, Part examination and Experiments on fish.

Part construction: Puxin Wang, Qi Li, Anqi Wei, Pengfei Luo, Jiayu Huang,Puxin Wang

Part examination: Jindian He, Qi Li, Anqi Wei

Experiments on fish: Zheyuan Zhang, Zhicheng Lin,Jindian He, Yiding Xu, Puxin Wang, Yajuan Xie, Qi Li

Art Design

This part of work includes all the work associated with design

such as the design of our team’s uniform and logo,

our wiki, poster and PPT we used for presentation at Giant Jamboree.

Qi Li,Chuan Zheng, Jiayu Huang, Anqi Wei, Xinyu Zhou

Human Practice

The work of human practice includes our questionnaire, the activity of public education at Lanzhou University Affiliated Elementary School and the lecture we held together with iGEM team NWPU-China 2016.

Yajuan Xie, Yiding Xu,Anqi Wei, Puxing Wang, Xinyu Zhou, Ning Chai, Zhicheng Lin.


We wrote the contents of our Wiki page and PPT for the presentations of Giant Jamboree

Anqi Wei, Xinyu Zhou, Ning Chai, Jindian He, Zhicheng Lin, Yajuan Xie, Yiding Xv, Puxin Wang

Wiki Construction

Chuan Zheng, Pengfei Luo, Zheyuan Zhang

Presentation Coaching

Jinbo Yang, Huyuan Feng, Xiangkai Li


The work of collaboration including contacting with other teams, visiting the university of iGEM team BIT-China and completing the task of our collaboration with iGEM team XMU-China.

Xinyu Zhou, Jindian He, Pengfei Luo, Ning Chai,Zheyuan Zhang, Zhicheng Lin, Qi Li.

Team Management

The leader of our team is responsible for the work of management, including arranging the work of members, controlling and adjusting progress and coordinating all the team’s activities.

Xinyu Zhou



Prof. Yu Tang,female,doctoral supervisor.She was born in October 1972,college of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,school of Lanzhou University.She was the deputy director of the Institute of Coordination Chemistry and Functional Materials,also the member of the steering committee for education.


Prof. Jinbo Yang, Doctor of philosophy graduated in Shanghai Research Institute of Biochemistry is also a member of Cuiying Scholar. He once worked as Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Research Associate Staff, Adjunct Staff and finally became a Consultant Staff in Lerner Research Institute, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation since 2001. He is an expert of tumor treatment and synthetic biology, and in 2013 he was the adviser of LZU-China in iGEM contest.

Huyuan Fengmore_vert
Huyuan Fengclose

Vice dean Prof Huyuan Feng:Prof. Huyuan Feng, Doctor of philosophy graduated in Lanzhou University, as the Vice Dean of School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, China will lead this team. His present research subject is microbio strains living on Dunhuang Mogao Grotto and he devotes all his enthusiasm to the study of protection of the historic treasure of the world - Dunhuang Frescoes. He is the ruler of us for the reasons that he is not only a professional expert of our topic but also an intelligent guide of all team.

Zhenmin Lingmore_vert
Zhenmin Lingclose

Dr. Zhenmin Ling,Doctor of Fermentation graduated from Jiangnan University. His present research subject is gene engineering microorganism and industrial enzyme fermentation. He is one of the team instructor of our topic.


Prof. Xiangka Li, PhD of microbiology in the University of Oklahoma, is also a member of Cuiying Scholar. He worked as a post-doctor fellow in Baylor College of Medicine in America when finishing his PhD. And after that, he has been a professor in microbiology and doctoral advisor in Lanzhou University till now.


Zheyuan Zhangmore_vert
Zheyuan Zhangclose

My name is Zheyuan Zhang.An undergraduate student major in biology in Lanzhou university. This year in our team, I spent my time in lab,writing some text for our wiki and also taking part in the wiki construction. I like basketball and always play the piano in my spare time.But because of the work these days I think I can only use a few minutes a day to miss them.

Puxin Wang
Puxin Wangmore_vert
Puxin Wangclose

My name is Puxin Wang, an undergraduate student majoring in life science.As a second time iGEMer, I was chosen as the vise captain this year. I assisted in doing experiment  and managing the team work.Compared with before,  the second time brings me a different  feeling that required me to be more responsible.  Thanks to the stress,  I have gained a lot of progress this year.

Yu Chenmore_vert
Yu Chenclose

Yu Chen, undergraduate student of biology in Lanzhou University, has a great enthusiasm in doing experiment. As a member of the 2016 iGEM team of Lanzhou University, he devotes himself into making parts . He likes reading, film and animation, he also likes to play table tennis with his friends in his free time.

Yajuan Xiemore_vert
Yajuan Xieclose

So glad to join the IGEM family! My name is Yajuan Xie,an undergraduate of Lanzhou university and I major in stomatology. This time my main work of the wet lab is about the fish, like feeding and dissecting.In the dry lab,my main task is about the human practice. In addition,I also assist other teammates in experiment and establishing our wlki.Although my specialty isn’t biology,but I much enjoy the time with IGEM,it taught me a lot which I can’t learn from my text book.And I thanks my team members sincerely.

Zhen Xiemore_vert
Zhen Xieclose

Hi ! I’m Zhen Xie , an undergraduate of Lanzhou university who major in biology. As a newcomer , I’m poor at either theoretical knowledge or the experimental skills,given that, my major work is to edit a fraction of the wiki copy-writing.But fortunately, as I pour time and effort in learning as much as I can from the project,I’ve improved a lot.

Yiding Xv more_vert
Yiding Xv close

’m a rising junior student at Lanzhou University. As I always hold that we students should not only learn lectures and textbooks, but also develop ourselves in all-around way,I take part in IGEM which provides opportunities for me to learn new skills in many aspects. In our team, I participated in part of the laboratory work and helping to establish Wiki.I learned a lot from my teammates and I also enjoy the time that everyone works together.


Lucky to join our team! We tried a lot together in order to come up with some amazing ideas to apply for real practice via synthetic biology. By reading papers and books, browsing webs and thinking constantly,finally we’ve managed it! I have to say that good teamwork is much important.My main task is to feed the fishes and assist other teammates in conducting experiments.In the meantime,I also direct the designing work of our team uniform. Anyway, I believe that “Do what must and should do indeed, and we will carry out one day!” COME ON!

Zhicheng Linmore_vert
Zhicheng Linclose

It is my first year to take part in iGEM. I did experiments such as feeding the fishes, detecting the heavy iron in the fish, detecting the modeled bacteria and so on. I also wrote the parts of our team and estabished our website with my teammates. I learnt a lot by taking part in iGEM. It is really a good experience.

Pengfei Luomore_vert
Pengfei Luoclose

Hi ! I’m Pengfei Luo,you can also call me Gino. Taking part in the iGEM team of Lanzhou university has always been my dream, and this year, I was lucky enough to join it. I’m sure that IGEM is a stage where everyone is able to fully displays themselves. In this group,I synthesized function DNA sequence and transferred sequence into plasmid.This experience has benefited me a lot and I will spare no efforts to complete it!

Anqi Weimore_vert
Anqi Weiclose

Hi, I’m Anqi Wei. I’m a girl of many interests, which include playing the violin, dancing and traveling. I was a junior when I decided to take part in our iGEM team of 2016. For me, it is a great opportunity and it is also a platform for students who major in life sciences, engineering, computer and so on throughout the world. This year, I did part of the laboratory works with upper-class students and managed the contents of our Wiki with other team members. This experience will definitely has a far-reaching influence on me and I’m ready to enjoy this giant event!

Qi Limore_vert
Qi Liclose

Qi Li is a senior undergraduate from Lanzhou University, majoring in biology. Besides working as the designer of the team logo and poster, she is also responsible for participating in the laborious molecular cloning. She enjoys the wonderful moment fighting for the same goal with the lovely fellows.And she extremely appreciates it that she can make friends with those who are interested in biology though IGEM

Jindian Hemore_vert
Jindian Heclose

I'm so glad to be a member of our team.My main duties are conducting part of the experiments with other team members, participating in writing our web, and giving some ideas of the packing design. IGEM gives us the chance to make a connection between the theory and reality.Meanwhile,it reminds us to be more concerned about the environment and the earth. And most important, it is an excellent stage where we can try out our ideas.Hope that we could return in triumph!

Ning Chaimore_vert
Ning Chaiclose

The girl is Ning Chai, who loves nature and is keen on ecology. During the time after joining in iGEM, she spared every free time in lab just like last year.Yes,she is an old iGEMer. However, when she has some break time in the lab,she often listens to the pop music or reads some English magazine. By the way, my main work is to set the PCR of parts in the break time. Now, you must know some of her.

Xinyu Zhoumore_vert
Xinyu Zhouclose

I'm Xinyu Zhou, team leader of Lanzhou, a senior student major in biology in Lanzhou University. My personal interest is about cancer protein. Though I'm a second-time iGEMer, it is really a challenge for me to be a leader 'cause I have to focus on several things at the same time. Thanks to my brilliant teammates, they're very reliable. We've done a very good job so far. I believe we can make it in Boston.

Chuan Zhengmore_vert
Chuan Zhengclose

Hi, I am Chuan Zheng, an undergraduate majoring in computer science. It is the first time for me to be a part of the team and I am really excited about everything. I build up the wiki of our team and provide technology support during the process. So glad to be a part!


Shuai Zhaomore_vert
Shuai Zhaoclose

Chariness, patience and happiness,he is Shuai Zhao,majoring in microbiology, a master degree candidate studying in Lanzhou University, a first-time iGEMer. As a co-captain this year, he is in charge of logistics and finance. This is a totally different experience from last year and he learned a lot.

Minrui Liumore_vert
Minrui Liuclose

Minrui Liu is studying at Lanzhou University and pursuing a doctor's degree in microbiology. As an instructor of the 2016 iGEM team of Lanzhou University, she would like to spare no efforts in instructing the project. Moreover, she helps us to overcome any kinds of problems about our project with her enthusiasm. Her hobbies are painting and playing badminton.


This project is supported by School of Life Science and Cuiying Honors College, Lanzhou University
Lanzhou University

Lanzhou University has been the best university in the northwestern region of China, ranking as one of the top 30 among over 1,500 universities across China. It is one of the key universities administered directly by the Ministry of Education.

Cuiying Honors College

Cuiying Honors College (CHC) was founded in August 2010 within Lanzhou University as part of China's Top-Notch Undergraduate Training Program. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance are investing in this new pilot scheme in order to develop future leaders with exceptional talent in the core disciplines. Every year this program only admits the best 1000 students from the 6 million new undergraduates nationwide. Lanzhou University has been selected as one of 19 institutions implementing this national program.

School of Life sciences

The School of Life Sciences at Lanzhou University has a long history. It originated as the Department of Botany and the Department of Zoology of National Lanzhou University, which were founded in 1946 as the first departments of life sciences in western China. After several generations' efforts in over sixty years, the School of Life Science is in a good development trend in many aspects, such as faculty and staff, discipline construction, teaching and researching, and local service. Basing its scientific research on the cold and arid environment in western China, the faculty has made great achievements. The School of Life Sciences is active in international collaboration in order to create an open and supportive academic atmosphere, extend academic horizons, and improve the faculty and students' ability in research and creativity.

Xia Men University

hanks XMU-China for helping us confirm whether the modified protein can be seen on the surface of the bacteria by TEM.