Our team paid great attention to our project’s biosafety. In order to ensure the safety of the project, we have developed the following principles and measures

Safety measures

1. Everyone must wear lab coat, gloves, trousers and shoes before entering the laboratory.

2.Our team advisiors have guided us to do every experiment to make sure our team members can complete the experiment independently.

3.We only used Escherichia coli whose lab strains that are not harmful to human at all.

4.We used heavy metal to exam our parts. To reduce the risks of heavy metal, we do many experiments in draught cupboards and we use latex gloves and masks to protect ourselves.

5.Food was not allowed to appear in the lab.

6.We considered that the engineering strains in fish feces would polluted the natural water.So we would transform the anaerobic bacteria as engineering strains and our new deceive can wrap fish feed in capsule.

Link to Our Safety Form Our safety form

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