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The people and companies mentioned below have, in different ways, been able to provide different qualities or sponsorships for students of the LiU iGEM team 2016 in their work during this year’s project. A special thank you is required for all the help and support, making this project possible at all.

  • Our Principal Investigators Lars-Göran Mårtensson and Per Hammarström have supported the team with great knowledge and advice when it comes to laboratory work and administration work.

  • Robert Forchheimer was hosting the traditional kick-off. Professor Forchheimer was interviewed when we desired to learn more about LiU iGEM since he is the founder and also an inspiring person. He has through the whole project showed a great interest and been enthusiastic about iGEM and our work.

  • Linköping University of Technology has helped the team with the registration fee, equipment, laboratory and other facilities.

  • Our instructors Sandra Lilja and Deborah Traujtmann helped us with guidance in connection with the start-up of the lab and the project planning, registration of teams and team members to iGEM. They also have provided aid and support throughout the entire project and helped us with registration of the team.

  • Johan Edqvist was a great inspiration for our project idea. He has given us the equipment and protocols for algae cultivation and also our algae.

  • Chlamydomonas Resource Center has given the team mutant strains of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and a plasmid containing a hygromycin cassette.

  • Patrik Lundström has supported the team with guidance when it comes to laboratory equipment.

  • The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Linköpings University has provided with financial support.

  • Northeastern iGEM team 2015 has helped us by sharing their protocols.

  • Victoria Ovmark is a graphic designer that helped us design the image of a circuit for the production and consumption of biodiesel produced by algae.

  • Our advisor Agnes Ekberger, participated in the last year’s team, has shared her experience in what iGEM is all about.

  • Cecilia Andresén has supported the team with great help.

  • Per Persson showed us the fascinating electron microscope when the team visited Ångströmhuset.

  • Alexander Sandberg has supported the team with great help.

  • Thank you Marie and Peter Swelén for your donation.

  • Nulink helped the team to reach out to business through their communications channels such as website and social media.

A course in synthetic biology

The department of physics, chemistry and biology (IFM) at Linköping University teach a course in synthetic biology. By having the iGEM project partly as a course, the participating students can apply for financial support in order to manage to work with the project during the summer. Students that only participate in the project are welcome as well.

During the course, the iGEM team had access to the equipment and chemicals that were needed during the project. We were given a quick guide with equipment that we had not used before as well. We also had a run through of safety protocols as well as a walkthrough on a risk analysis system called KLARA.

Even though it is a course, the students have planned and organized the project and laboratory work all by themselves, which is some of the criteria for the course. The course is divided into two examination parts. The first part refers primarily to laboratory work and modeling, the second part relates mainly to the presentation and documentation.

The course and the brainstorming started in March 2016. We started to work on the project at the same time. The laboratory part started in June 2016 It ended October 19th 2016.

LiU iGEM is proudly sponsored by