Team:Linkoping Sweden/HP/Gold

Ethical values regarding our project

Team LiU iGEM 2016 has put a lot of effort in informing about synthetic biology in general as well as our project. We have informed about these matters to both companies and schools. They were very interested in our project and the feedback we recieved was that they gained a lot of knowledge regarding the economical sustainability of biodiesel from C. reinhardtii by CRISPR/Cas9. LiU iGEM finds a huge importance in a persistent evaluation of the project from different perspectives particularly; environmental, economic and health related values. To gain all information required for these evaluations we were in contact with the office at the Swedish Gene Authority Board, the Work Environment Authority and the Technical Research Institute. By educating ourselves we could reach out and share our knowledge with our collaborators and the public in general. Click on the ethics pamphlet to open the evaluation as a pdf file.

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