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At first, we would like to thank our PIs, Dr. Tobias J. Erb and Dr. Gert Bange and especially their lab teams for the intellectual support, sharing their lab space and providing us with materials. Without their teams' expertise and advice for our experiments, results wouldn't have been possible. Furthermore we would like to thank our advisors Dr. Georg Fritz, Tarryn Miller and Daniel Hürtgen for their time to support us on daily basis, which helped us to solve the problems we were facing during the project.

We are also thankful for the input that Max Mundt, Anne Löchner and Nicolas Krink were able to give us from former iGEM-competitions in the early stages of the lab work. Additional to that the Sourjik lab has supported us with helpful advice as well as several strains and plates.

The group of Prof. Dr. Kahmann, especially Dr. Stefanie Reißmann, who gave us access and supervision for using their microscopes and helped us with gifts regarding lab supply. The E. coli AB330 strain, which is capable of recombination has been a gift by the group of Prof. Dr. Waldminghaus. pBbA5k-EPL95 was a gift from Aindrila Mukhopadhyay (Addgene plasmid # 45434) and pJBEI-6410 was a gift from Taek Soon Lee (Addgene plasmid # 47049).

We also would like to thank all our sponsors and partners for the tremendous support. The financial sponsoring, the backing with materials and knowledge in handling the given tools has been overwhelming. Nothing of the work we have done, the lessons we’ve learned and the contacts we’ve made would have been possible without the extraordinary sponsoring from each and every one of our supporting partners.

We are very grateful for every gift and the positive feedback we got by our sponsors. Additionally, we hope that this partnership will keep growing for both sides.


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