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Attributions :: Syndustry - iGEM Marburg 2016


The main ideas for our project were developed in numerous discussions involving all students and instructors. The supervisors gave us input about the feasibility of our ideas. All lab work has been done by ourselves, we planned and executed all experiments ourselves. However, we checked in and discussed results and possible experimental setups with our supervisor and instructors. UPLC measurements were conducted by Dr. Nina Socorro Cortina. The design of the wiki page is our work, all artwork, figures, pictures from events and social media content were created by ourselves (unless otherwise stated). Graphics and figures utilized in the above mentioned parts are designed by team members. We do not hold any rights on the logos of our sponsors, nor did we create or change any of them. The structure and the content of our Human Practices Report were created by team members only. Aside of this, intellectual property belonging to third parties is marked as citations and authors are given in the references section of the according report and throughout all our Wiki pages. The poster we use to present our results was designed and written exclusively by the 2016 Marburg iGEM team.


Wetlab Responsibility Wetlab Patrick Gerlinger, Nikolai Huwa, Maria Lindner, Steffen Lütke, Bastian Pook
Modeling Responsibility Modeling Martin Lellep
Human Practices Responsibility Human Practices Patrick Gerlinger, Christoph Kahle
Fund Raising Responsibility Fund Raising Steffen Lütke, Martin Lellep
Wiki Responsibility Wiki Martin Lellep
Social Media Responsibility Social Media Maria Lindner, Bastian Pook
Design Responsibility Design Lena Schmidt