Team:Missouri Rolla/Team

Missouri S&T iGEM Team

Missouri S&T iGEM began in 2007 with a handful of members, but has grown rapidly in recent years. We are a proud member of the Student Design and Experiential Learning Center, and participation in student-led design teams is a respected tradition on campus. Members from all majors are welcome with any level of experience. Our team is almost entirely student-directed with our advisors using a hands-off approach. Projects are designed, selected, and performed by undergraduates with advice from our wonderful mentors. An extensive lab training program ensures safety and productivity from all lab workers while allowing new members to learn the necessary skills and concepts for work in synthetic biology. Members also have opportunities to contribute to vital fundraising, public relations, and publication functions.

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Peyton Robertson

Joshua Day

Austin Roberts

Carter Lloyd

Kurt Studer

Lucas Harper

Jordan Sanders

Matthew Vishy

Lucas Dyer

Alex Raster

Matt Napoli

Natalia Legion

Ari Ginsparg

Marylyn Phan

Jasmine Monroe

Nathan Edic-Gordey

Maya Hanson

Catherine Glover

Bryan Tracy

Chandler Mossman

Duc Le

Ben Bleitz

Samantha Greaney

Lilly Germeroth

Ryan Baumann

Victoria Kramer

Jesus Ali Ramos

Courtney Lynn

Hannah Cannady

Molly Haas

Renae Rogge

Auburn Meister

Mikayla Tessmer

Macie Brahm

Meyyammai Palaniappan

Claire Wilmore

Jessica Hamlett

Kaelyn Yarbrough

Isabella Bowling

Erin Nischwitz

Kent Gorday

Jerry Wei

Executive Board

Meyyemmai Palaniappan Chemical EngineerPresident
Jessica Hamlett Chemical EngineerVice President
Kaelyn Yarbrough Chemical EngineerSecretary
Jerry Wei Biochemical EngineerTreasurer
Erin Nischwitz ChemistryPublic Relations Officer
Kent Gorday PhysicsWeb Master
Kira Buckowing Biochemical EngineerLab Manager
Isabella Bowling BiologySafety and Socials Manager


Alex Raster Biochemical EngineerLab and PR
Maya Hanson Biochemical EngineerPR
Lucas Dyer BiochemistryPR
Matthew Vishy Nuclear EngineerLab and PR
Jordan Sanders Chemical EngineerLab
Lucas Harper Biological SciencesWeb
Kurt Studer Biochemical EngineerLab and Web
Carter Lloyd Biochemical EngineerWeb
Austin Roberts Chemical EngineerWeb
Natalia Legion Chemical EngineerLab
Matt Napoli Biological SciencesLab and Web
Bryan Tracy Electrical EngineerLab
Peyton Robertson ChemistryPR
Jasmine Monroe Chemical EngineerPR
Marylyn Phan Biological SciencesLab and PR
Ari Ginsparg Biology and ChemicalFundraising
Jesus Ali Ramos Biochemical EngineerCP
Victoria Kramer Chemical EngineerPR
Ryan Baumann BiologyLab and PR
Lilly Germeroth Biological SciencesPR
Samantha Greaney BiologyPR
Ben Bleitz BiologyLab and Fundraising
Duc Le Biochemical EngineerLab
Macie Brahm Biological SciencesPR
Mikayla Tessmer Biochemical EngineerLab and Web
Renae Rogge Chemical EngineerFundraising
Hannah Cannady Biological SciencesPR
Courtney Lynn Biological SciencesCP
Claire Wilmore Chemical EngineerWeb
Paige Dierkes Biological SciencesLab and Web

Team photo credit: Kira Buckowing