Goodbye, Mr. Tumor

Cancers, as the most frightening death threats, are aggressive and malignant. However, a perfect treatment of cancer has not appeared so far. The goal of our project is to develop a strategy to treat cancers, with building a transplantable drug system targeting a specific molecule that functions in cancer. We packed siRNA into exosomes (nano-sized vesicles secreted by human cells) to deliver our drug into certain part of a patient's body. Then we modified our exosome with iRGD to act as integrin-specific targeting tool. Our validation experiments will be carried out at the level of cells and animals to prove both the targeting and silencing function of this drug. Eventually, we expect to see a specific accumulation of the siRNA in the mice’s tumor tissues and the decreased expression of the oncogenes at the transcription level. This project may provide new insights into future treatment of cancer.