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Welcome to Our Awesome Team!
NKU_China consists of faculty members and students from Nankai University, Tianjin. Located in the east coast of Asia and one of the most developed and prosperous cities in mainland China, Nankai University is making groundbreaking progress in both natural and social sciences while holding fast to the orthodox beliefs that inspire us to dedicate to the interest of the public and the nation.
17 undergraduate students from College of Life Science consist of the absolute main force of Team NKU_China. Sharing ”iGEMer” as our common title, the team members work closely together from brainstorming solutions for experimental problems to discussing the future prospect of synthetic biology with great enthusiasm and creation. In the meantime, we frequently adjust the project design and experiment plans under the advice and instructions of three experienced graduate instructors and three distinguished PIs.
All of the team members are looking forward to presenting our project and sharing the story of the great science adventure of Team NKU_China to iGEMers all over the globe at Giant Jamboree. Do meet us at our presentation and poster stand!
Cunjiang Song
Prof. Cunjiang Song got B.S. Degree in 1983, from the Department of Biology, Northwest University in China, majoring in Microbiology. His Doctor of Engineering Degree was obtained in 2002, from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Toyama University, Japan, majoring in Life and Environmental Sciences.
He established the Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Synthesis Laboratory in the College of Life Sciences, Nankai University. More than 80 papers were published in academic journals such as Scientific Reports, Metabolic Engineering, Applied Microl. Biotech., etc. 15 patents were granted.
He is now a director of Chinese Society of Microbiology, as well as the general director of Tianjin Society of Microbiology.
Fuchen Shi
Professor Fuchen Shi is the primary PI of iGEM 2016 Team NKU_China. Prof. Shi is Ph.D. supervisor and the dean of Department of Botany and Ecology, College of Life Science, Nankai University. He got his Master degree in botany at Northeast Forestry University (NFU) in 1989. In 1997, he got his Ph.D. degree in agronomy at University of Tokyo. In 2001, he accomplished his research at Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. Prof. Shi has successively held the position of Ph.D. Supervisor of NFU, Ph.D. Supervisor of Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Prof. Shi also once held the position of Special Professor in Natural and Environmental Sciences of Graduate Schools of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo, Special Professor of Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo. Prof. Shi has published around 150 articles and more than 10 volumes of literature in environmental botany, plant resources and plant synecology.
Mingqiag Qiao
Professor Mingqiang Qiao is the PI of iGEM 2016 Team NKU_China. Prof. Qiao is Ph.D. supervisor and faculty member of Department of Microbiology, College of Life Science, vice dean of College of Economic and Social Development, Nankai University, researcher of Department of Applied Chemistry and Microbiology, University of Helsinki. The major research fields of Prof. Qiao are functional genomics of pathogenic bacteria, mechanism and industrialization of the inhibition effect of biogenic peptides on pathogenic bacteria, characteristics, functions and application development of fungi hydrophobin and synthetic biology. Prof. Qiao got his bachelors and master degree at Nankai University and his Ph.D. degree at University of Helsinki. Prof. Qiao has successively conducted research on genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology at Institute of Molecular Biology, Nankai University, Institute of Bioengineering, University of Helsinki, Institute of Bioengineering and Food, National Center for Science and Technology of Finland, Department of Applied Chemistry and Microbiology, University of Helsinki.
Haosheng Shen
Hi there, my name is Haosheng Shen. Fun-loving, easy-going and smart is what my friends say about me. I love comic characters Green Arrow and Daredevil, and my favorite music band is Maroon 5. Besides, I am a crazy basketball fun of Chicago Bulls.
Yufen Quan
Yulei Dang
Xiangxiang Wang
My name is Xiangxiang Wang and I am a PhD student from Department of Microbiology, College of Life Science, Nankai University. I am the instructor of iGEM 2016 Team: NKU_China and I am mainly responsible for the instruction of the experiments relating to protein analysis including SDS-PAGE and western blot. It is a pleasure to share my experiences of scientific research to the junior students. My own research focuses on the relationship between structure and function of hydrophobin, which origins from fungi and has a wide range of applications in biotechnology research. In my spare time, I like playing badminton as well as other sports.
Jiwei Mao
My name is Jiwei Mao and I am a PhD student from Department of Microbiology, College of Life Science, Nankai University. I am the instructor of iGEM 2016 Team: NKU_China and I am mainly responsible for the instruction of the experiments relating to gas chromatograph (GC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). My personal research focuses on the characteristics and applications of hydrophobin and I have published 6 research papers up to now. It is a great opportunity for me to provide help and instruction to junior team members as well as learn some basic principles of synthetic biology from them. The perseverance and enthusiasm of the junior students moved me a lot. I like to spend my spare time playing badminton, cards and other sports.
Fankang Meng
Xinyu Ma
I am Ma Xinyu, a junior student of College of Life Science in Nankai University. I have been working on the study about molecular modification of microorganism for two years. It's my first time to attend the iGEM competition and I believe it will be a great challenge but also a chance for me. This year, I spend most of my time on the iGEM competition. I'm generally responsible for the experimental part in our team. I will do my best to complete our research and cooperate with my team member to finish the competition perfectly. Looking forward for the final match in Boston!
Xiao Liu
Hello everyone! This is Xiao Liu. It's my second time attending iGEM. I've grown from a sophomore, who was unfimiliar with synthetic biology and science research, into a senior who is devoting myself to them. I was in charge of our wiki last time and our whole project this time. I should say that iGEM has influenced me a lot in many positive ways. I hope our project will attract you this time and my work can contribute to synbio in the future.
Xinhao Song
I am the student team leader and a member of the experiment division of iGEM 2016 Team NKU_China. Besides the overall management of the team, I am also mainly responsible for the conduction of the Measurement tract and the construction of standard parts. My devotion to synthetic biology is due to the fact that even the simplest bacteria are much more delicate than the most complex machines that humans have ever built. The perfection and complexity of life system attracts me to learn and discover.
Yujie Zhao
Hi, everyone! my name is Yujie Zhao, a member of laboratorial group in the iGEM NKU_China team. Besides, I'm the leader of design group. In my leisure time, reading and drawing are my favorite things, because they can calm my mind. I also like challenging myself and mastering something new like making handcrafts, learning new experiment skills and subtitling movie. The word 'impossiblility' is not in my dictionary.
Zhang Mengxian
Zhaoran Zhang
I am an undergraduate student member of the experiment division of iGEM 2016 Team NKU_China I am a girl of various of interests and among them my favorites are music and travelling. I grew up in countryside and I liked to play around in the fields and observe all kinds of creatures especially plants. My love for botany built up in my childhood and now I have become an expert in plant taxonomy. It will be my lifelong career to explore the secret and beauty of life.
Hanchenxi Zhang
I am an undergraduate student from the experiment division of iGEM 2016 Team NKU_China. I have been studying in a Lab researching Stem Cell and aging for 2 years, which gives me experience and interest. Joing iGem can give me more chances to know more areas and experimental skills. Life is full of possibility, and I am wiling to give it a go.
Jingzhe Dong
Hello,everyone!My name is Dong Jingzhe,a junior student of College of Life Science in Nankai University.I am a member of laboratorial group of the team.I am always willing to chanllege some new things.In my spare time,I like painting and reading.I am also interested in all kinds of music,such as opera and metal.
Hang Zhou
I am an undergraduate student of Department of Statistics in School of Mathematical Sciences in Nankai University.I have been striving to keep an excellent grade record and I am one of the top 3 students in my college during my three years of undergraduate study. I took basic math courses such as mathematical analysis and advanced algebra in freshman and sophomore year and got excellent grades, which laid a strong foundation for my further study of other specialized courses. I chose the Department of Statistics when I was asked to choose my future professional direction in my junior year and got highest grade in mathematical statistics final examination in my department, which proved my solid basic skills in mathematics and a sound grounding in statistics.
Xiong Yvxiu
I'm Xiong Yuxiu, a member of team NKU_CHINA and mainly contribute in experiment part. Being a biology-majoring sophomore, this is my first year taking part in iGEM. I LOVE challenges and iGEM gives me the chance to experience the thrills of trying different ideas in the field of synthetic biology by means of molecular biology and microbiology. The most exciting thing to me , is when results are not what we thought to be, and the team brainstorms to come up with possible explanations and new experimental designs. Being in iGEM team is my first time to complete a project from scratch and it feels awesome. This is the third year my school takes part in iGEM and not long ago our team had our own lab. We have every reason to believe that with experience accumulated, our iGEM team will be better with our joint efforts.
Zhuoer Dong
Liangti Dai
This summer I mainly worked on the conduction of Measurement tract and the construction of standard parts.
Being an iGEMer has opened to me a brand new world of life science‒to design a life purposely, to test the possibilities. The process of parts construction was just like treasure hunting‒searching for possible solutions out of weird errors and abnormal results. A long-awaited positive result was one of the sweetest moments. It's fascinating to work with a group of people and brainstorm from time to time. I've experienced a wonderful summer.
Zhao Xianglin (Hilda)
College of Life Sciences
An amateur graphic designer.(I'm one of the main designers of the logo!) Outgoing enough to work out of bench and enjoy the process of communication. Interested in Synbio, Gut microbiota and Nutrition.
Chen Chen
I am Chen Chen from Nankai University. As you can tell from the picture,I am an outgoing and energetic girl. I love doing all kinds of field work,related to observing and recording the behavior of animals and plants. Also,I enjoy lab work very much. Although I am just an undergraduate student, I still try to grasp every opportunity to learn about science. And also,having the chance to confirm the results of science really makes me excited. I guess that's the original motive to devote myself to science.
Zhao Kun
Tian Ruilin
My hometown, Tianjin, is a lovely place. I am quite enjoy studying and living here. Two years ago, I started my academic career of biology in Nankai university. I will get my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 2018.
It is a great pleasure to take part in the synthetic biology project this year. I love learning different things from different people. As a result, I try to participate in almost every part of igem study. Experimental skills, data collection and analysis, modeling, human practice, academic writing, social communication, media operations I am so glad that NKU igem team is such an amazing team and I am sure we will have a good result.
Ziying Ke
I'm a sophomore from the College of Life Science in NanKai University. This is my first year in IGEM and I have learned a lot from other team members during this period. I am studying biology and mathematics now. With great enthusiasm in doing biological researches and analyzing data, I hope to explore more in the future.
 High School
Annie Kong
I am a high school student of Nankai High School, Tianjin and a student team member of iGEM 2016 Team: NKU_China. I have many hobbies since I was a child. Yet, once I entered high school, I gradually got interested in scientific research due to the great academic atmosphere of Nankai High School and now I am fond of studying mathematical problems. Moreover, it is for this very reason that I managed to join the iGEM team of Nankai University: NKU_China. This summer, I have learnt fundamental knowledge of synthetic biology from senior student team members. Also, I tried several basic molecular cloning experiments and spread the basic ideas of synthetic biology to my fellow friends in high school. I hope that I can achieve more in the field of synthetic biology in the future.