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Modified coding region of GvpA1(BBa_K1894000

The gene GvpA1 can express GvpA protein, which acts as the main structural protein of gas vesicle in Microcystis aeruginosa. Gas vesicle protein, widely existing in planktonic cyanobacteria, provides cells with buoyancy by changing the density of cells and regulates their vertical distributions in natural waters. We mutate GvpA1 gene in order to limit the level of GvpA1 expression and change the conformation of gas vesicle protein. By changing two base pairs, we mutate a serine to an alanine (hydrophilic amino acid to hydrophobic amino acid) and an alanine to a glycin.

Shuttle plasmid which can replicate in cyanobacteria and E.coli (BBa_K1894001

The shuttle plasmid can both replicate in cyanobacteria and E.coli. The shuttle plasmid pPKE2 we used possesses the replication origins of E.coli plasmid and cyanobacterium plasmid, CaMV35S promoter, multiple cloning sites (MCS) and rbcS polyA terminator, Which makes it convenient to insert and express target gene and to screen out the recombinants. Ori site of cyanobacterium plasmid comes from indigenous plasmids pPbs extracted from Plectonema boryanum.

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