Team:Paris Saclay/Acknowledgements


We want to thank immensely all the people who provided us help and made this great project possible!

First of all, we thank the Biology Medecine Pharmacy (BMP) school, specially Gerald Peyroche for his vote of trust.The Fond de Solidarité et de Développement des Initiatives Etudiantes (Fund for Solidarity and Development of Student Initiatives, FSDIE) from Paris Sud University. The Institute of Integrative Biology of the Cell of Paris Saclay University. The Office for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States. The Villebon Georges Charpak Institute of Paris Saclay University for endorsing the team financially and specially Bénédicte Humbert who constantly gave quick responses to the team's different needs.

We also would like to thank for all donations that came from the following individual sponsors: Estelle Robbe, Anne-Claire Guillongopaul, Santiago Jiménez Domínguez, Helène Costantin Viala, Mickaël Faria, René Chevalier, Ahmed Kabeche, Sylvain Djeyacoumar, François et Virginie Brenac, Henri-Dominique and Catherine Lacointa, Daniel and Claudine Schaffhauser, Sébastien Valadon, and Marie Rouquette.

We want to thank New England BioLabs; and Takara and Clontech Company for supplying lab material.

We want to thank all the I2BC's staff for helping us during the summer internship. A special thanks to Isabelle Hatin and Olivier Bugaud for guiding us through the cytometer technics. Emilie Drouineau, Claire Toffano-Nioche and Fabrice Leclerc for all the support and advises on the modelling part of the project.

We would like to thank David Bikard, head of lab at the Institut Pasteur. Olivier Espéli, group leader at the Collège de France. Deshmuck Gopaul, group leader at the Institut Pasteur for providing us with scientific background for our project.

We thank Agnès Ricroch, professor at AgroParisTech. Eric Enderlin, French and European Patent Attorney at Novagraaf. Marc Fellous, Emeritus Professor at Paris Diderot University and Medical Doctor, for having answered to our ethical questions.

We want to thank Mrs Geneviève Fioraso, French deputy and former ministry of Higher Education and Research. Catherine Procaccia, French Senator for taking time to meet and discuss about the impact of political decisions on scientific research.

We thank Pierre Walrafen, European Patent Attorney and Jean Denis Faure, researcher and professor at AgroParisTech School. These two formidable speakers agreed to engage and to answer a lot of difficult questions raised during the debate organized by Paris Saclay team about CRISPR-cas9 techinics and ethical issues. We also want to thank the public for their presence.

We thank Stella Pacheco who helped us to set up the Synthetic Biology Exhibition at the Nanterre University.

We thank Sylvain Allemand for the interest shown on the iGEM competition and the Paris Saclay project through the article he wrote at the Paris Saclay Media.

We want to thank Uriel Hazan and Pascale Rialland, director and vice-director of the Biology Department at the École Normale Supérieure of Paris-Saclay for their support and their availability.

We want to thank the Jean Monnet Institute of Sceaux and specially professor A. Ben Samoun and A. Latreille.

We thank Fabian Froehlich, our mentor for the iGEM Mentorship Program for all the patience and advice he gave us.

Last but not least, we will never be thankful enough to Maxime Schaffhauser. The best wiki designer who led us from darkness to light and made our project's romantic theme real and beautiful.

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