Virginia iGEM
The Virginia iGEM team conducted a survey about the awareness and use of biocontainment in iGEM projects, which our members completed, giving them many more data points for their analysis!
  1. Building upon the collaboration we started in 2015 as the joint HKUST-Rice iGEM team, we hosted a number of HKUST students at Rice this past summer. They traveled to Rice to construct gene dosage-tuning devices that would 1) tune the effective plasmid copy number, and 2) involve antisense RNA interference; additionally, they studied the approach toward modeling used in our project and helped establishing mathematical equations we used in our model.
  2. The Rice and HKUST iGEM students interacted with each other in lab, and in Team Rice’s group meetings. Beyond the lab, the HKUST students also attended events on Rice’s campus, including a BioSciences Department retreat, the Rice Biosciences Summer Research Institute (SRI) journal club, and the Rice IBB Summer Research Poster Symposium!
UT Austin & Texas Tech
iGEM teams Rice, UT Austin, and Texas Tech had a state iGEM meet-up at the 2016 UT Austin Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium (FURS). The three teams got together to practice their Giant Jamboree presentations (the iGEM teams’ presentations for the symposium itself had 8-minute time limits), and were able to exchange valuable presentation feedback!