Team:Sydney Australia/Model

Our modelling work had two major branches - protein modelling and mathematical modelling. The aim of both was to help further characterise our system. In order to gain insight into how our two proteins of interest would interact with each other, we made use of various homology modelling online calculators. The results can be found under EtnR1 and EtnR2 protein modelling pages respectively.

The mathematical modelling had two sub-branches. Firstly, to understand the protein interactions in our system as a whole, we carried out simulations of a two component regulatory system using Matlab's Synbio plug-in. Despite not being able to gather experimental values specific to our system for the required parameters, our modelling did not end here. We then decided to investigate various diffusion models to represent various movements of ethylene around a box, to simulate a real-life scenario of ethylene moving around a shipping container or room. Find out more on the Internal Cellular model page and the Macroscopic Diffusion model page.

School of Life and Environmental Sciences
The University of Sydney
City Road, Darlington
2006, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia