Team:Sydney Australia/Software

After the wet lab team spent hours designing primers by consulting with various online tools and using some good old guess and check, our dry lab team came to the rescue and designed a Primer Design calculator. After inputting a sequence you need a primer for, it will provide a list of potential primers sorted by Tm, and will also take into consideration restriction sites if specified by the user. Feel free to test it out - maybe you can help improve it!

The second major part of software was designing and creating a phone app. A worker or consumer, (or anybody!) can open the app, take a photo of one of our stickers or of the plate, and will be provided with a cumulative ethylene reading and a comment about how ripe the fruit is! We extended our success in this area by also designing a working phone app for Hamburg iGEM that works in a similar way in conjunction with their chlamydia biosensor.

School of Life and Environmental Sciences
The University of Sydney
City Road, Darlington
2006, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia