Team:TEC-Costa Rica/Project


Prostal is a non-invasive, innovative system that is designed to detect prostate cancer from an urine sample. Therefore, we propose a bacterial-based system which can detect RNA and produce an easy-to-read signal.

Project System


Our system uses a mutated Cas9 protein from Streptococcus pyogenes to detect PCA3, a long non-coding RNA that works as a biomarker for prostate cancer detection; we engineered this Cas9 so that it produced a measurable signal as a result of the RNA detection.

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Project Modelling & Simulations

Modelling & Simulations

The modelling for the Project can be classified into two categories:

  • Mathematical modelling

  • Structural modelling

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Project Parts


Our project is based on a mutated Cas9 engineered to generate a response mediated by an intein signalling. We designed two versions of the dCas9, each one with a set of hotspots that enable the insertion of our intein system or any other protein of interest.

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Project Safety


Our project is related to the detection of a human disease via a biomarker molecule found in the urine of patients with prostate cancer. Since local regulation does not allow us to work with human samples, we designed our project in a way that it can work as a proof-of-concept of a detection system and pose no risk to human health.

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Project Collaborations


We got in touch with other iGEM teams all over the world. Here we enlist the collaborations me made.

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