Team:Technion Israel/Human Practices

S.tar, by iGEM Technion 2016

S.Tar, by iGEM Technion 2016

In the last century science has taken an enormous leap from an occupation solely limited to the academic community to something that a large part of the population is exposed to in all aspects of life, from school through social media and TV to our supermarkets. This exposure, while highly beneficial to the progress of scientific research, can also lead to high amounts of misinformation and fear in the public due to unawareness. As researchers we see the importance of education and an open dialog on the benefits of science as a tool to combat these issues.

Meeting with Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dan Shechtman.

In our human practice project we focused on two parts. First we contacted a famous Israeli podcaster to discuss on synthetic biology on his show. Secondly, we took part in a variety of educational activities for different demographics: from kindergarten students to elderly citizens.

S.tar, by iGEM Technion 2016