Team:Toulouse France/Medal Requirements

iGEM Toulouse 2016

Why we deserve the Gold Medal!

We have fulfilled all the required criteria

    Bronze medal

        • We registered the team to iGEM, had fun during the all summer and attended the Giant Jamboree with smiles
        • We successfully submitted the Judging form
        • A page in the wiki with attributions to every people that helped us in any ways have been created
        • We documented 10 new BioBricks and added them to the Registry
        • We created and shared a complete description of the team’s project in the Wiki
        • In the attributions: section, we thank all the persons who made this project possible by helping us in different ways and we are very grateful
        • And for sure, we will present to you a beautiful poster and our most pleasant Prezi presentation at the Giant Jamboree!

    Silver medal

        • During this project, our commitment for the Human Practices was very strong as we participated in different events in France for Science Popularization, in Education we developed an education kit and protocol videos, we minimized the risks of incidents in the lab for Safety, and in Ethics we created a theatre play
        • We experimentally validated eight new BioBricks and three of them worked successfully as expected
        • We also took part to active collaborations for the scientific community with the initiation and piloting of a seven iGEM teams joined in an effort to create a Multilanguage protocol videos

    Gold medal

        • Integrated innovative human practices: we soon realized that using GMOs in such an unstable ecosystem as the Lascaux cave was a risky challenge. Our project was therefore designed from the many discussions we had with the cave curators, scientists working in laboratory caves, policy makers and the public
        • We successfully took-up the challenge to improve the only replicative plasmid for B. subtilis mentioned in the registry, pSBBS0K-P (Biobrick BBa_K823026), to create a lighter version. We even went further from this plasmid by creating and validating a part to turn any pSB1C3 plasmid in a replicative plasmid for B. subtilis: : pSB1C3-OriKan (BBa_K1937002)
        Integrated Practices
        Public Engagement