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iGEM Toulouse 2016


Our institutions

INSA Toulouse (National Institute for Applied Sciences) is a French public engineering school created in 1963. This famous pluridisciplinary school offers diverse formations such as biochemistry, informatics, physics, civil engineering... At the moment, there are 2,369 engineering students, 262 teachers and researchers and 8 research laboratories associated to the school.

The Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier is a multidisciplinary University with 5 areas of training and research (health, science, sport, engineering, technology). At the moment there are around 30,000 students, 2,570 teachers and lecturers with 70 research units. We are grateful to the university for its support through the Research commission and the International Relations Department.

Our financial sponsors

The Laboratoire d'Ingénierie des Systèmes Biologiques et des Procédés (LISBP) was created in 2007 with the fusion of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Bioprocesses and the Laboratory of Engineering in Environmental Processes. The LISBP is mostly specialized in innovative technologies relating to life and process sciences such as microbiology, biocatalysis and separation technics.

The Universitary Fundation of INSA Toulouse was created in 2007 and is an important vector of sponsoring enabling the development of innovating projects in the school. This contributes to the overall fulfillment of the engineer students.

The Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi Pyrénées gathers several establishments of higher education and research of the Midi Pyrénées region.
The cluster of research and higher education “Université de Toulouse” created in 2007 associates skills in complementary and diversified fields such as materials and life science, human and social sciences and engineering.

The Genopole of Toulouse (GenoToul) was created in 1999 to develop genome research, bioinformatics and to promote innovation by encouraging interdisciplinary projects. GenoToul manages about fifty projects a year covering various fields such as healthcare, agronomy, biotechnologies, ecology and environment.

Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB) is a French infrastructure developing new technologies relative to sustainable production by enhancing the use of renewable carbon source. TWB has three main missions: promoting the white biotechnologies, improving the scientific innovation and binding the fundamental research and the industrial world. (As a reminder, white biotechnology is the use of cells and enzymes to create industrial products.)

Adisseo is a worldwide expert in animal nutrition. This branch has a major role in the improvement of the food chain while preserving animals, the environment and human beings.

The FSI is a Training and Research Unit of the University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III. It consists of eight academic departments, an enhanced autonomy department (the Upssitech engineering school), a specific department (IRES), and is backed by more than sixty internationally renowned research laboratories.

The Embassy of France in the United States of America supports French teams participating in American life sciences competitions such as the iGEM competition. This grant "Life Sciences: inventing – creating – having fun" exists since 2012 and contributes to finance French researchers.

Solvay group was created in Belgium, 150 years ago, in 1863. Nowadays, the group has 1700 collaborators and is the global leader of the chemical field.

The Division de la Vie Etudiante has several goals. It supports the associative and cultural development in the Paul Sabatier University, but also student projects such as ours. Moreover, it welcomes, informs, and socially helps students.

Aviva Assurance is an insurance company, that offers car, housing and health insurance. This company is implanted in France.

Givaudan is an international company borned in Swiss which have made of flavours and fragrances its specciality. The company have been founded in 1895.

Crédit Mutuel, as a French bank, offers since 1882 several banking services to professionals and particulars. Their talents is diversified, and gathered insurance services, banking unit, or also mobile phone contracts. The Crédit Mutuel of Toulouse hosts the financial account of our association iGEM Toulouse, and supports our projects since 2014.

Our material sponsors

New England Biolabs is a private company since 1974 and is the world leader in the production and sale of reagents in the Life Sciences and Biotechnology fields.

Communication help

To make our project come true, we created an account on Ulule, which is the first European crowdfunding website. We presented our project to the general public in order to collect enough funds to have the opportunity to go to the Giant Jamboree in Boston. Indeed, the set objective of €1,250 corresponded to the plane tickets fee for two of our team members. We are proud to say that we had 45 contributors and collected €1,402 !

Big thanks from all our team to:

Sabine Dieudonne, Magali Guillemot, Benoît Pons, Michel Dussauze, Melissa David, Clémence Dunand, Thomas Etcheberry, Manon Molina, Benoît Salles, Claude Maranges, Margaux Cescato, Dominique Duthu, Véronique Martinez, Bernard Martinez, Colette et Antoine Martinez, Ghislaine et André Smouts, Florence Smouts, Elodie Smouts, Nathalie Vazzoler, Willy Vaillant, Hassan Timouma, Thibault Corneloup, Monique Heitz, Françoise Bertanier, Fabienne Hérard, Pauline Trabuc, Louise Gody, Léa Rivault, Marine Pons, Hélène Martinez, Francis Minvielle, Sophie Bonnard, Julie de Stefano, Alice Paradisi, and the others anonymous donors….

If you are interested in any kind of partnership with the Toulouse iGEM team of this year or the next one, please contact us at