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Thank you to our Almighty God, for only by His kindness and love we could finally get to finish our dearest project :)

    Our Instructors

  • dr. Dr. Budiman Bela, Sp.MK(K), our instructor, for troubleshooting, advising, and letting us use the IHVCB lab for the experiments.
  • Dr. Muhamad Sahlan, S.Si, M.Eng, our instructor, for consulting and advising our modeling division.
  • dr. Drs. Abinawanto, M.Si, our instructor, for every consultation and advices.
  • Prof. Drh. Wiku Bakti Bawono Adisasmito M.Sc., Ph.D for advising our human practice event and introducing our team to several interviewees for our social studies.
  • Dr. Arry Yanwar, M.Si. Apt, for every particular support given.
  • Dian Nastiti, S.E., Ak.,M.Comm, for financial and fundraising consultation.
  • Dra. Wisni Bantarti, M.Kes, for advising, and supporting every human practice studies we’ve done.

    Our Advisors

    Thanks for always checking our progress and being our presentation coach.
  • Adi Nugroho
  • Amanda Fauzea
  • Faustina Martha
  • Raka Bhaskara

    General Support

  • All IHVCB Staffs (our lab support) : Ms. Aroem, Ms. Silvia, Ms. Sofy, Mr. Hartiyowidi, Ms. Ekawati, Ms. Gema, Mr. Heru, Ms. Qonita, Ms. Eleyna, Mr, Agung, Mr. Chirstian, Ms. Dian, Mr. Ibnu, and Ms. Hana, and others who have helped us during our Lab Work activities.
  • BEM UI for sharing and spreading the news about our event

    Human Practice Support

    27th Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia, Mr. Anis Baswedan and wife for visiting and supporting our exhibition booth during Education Fair, May 28-29th 2016
    SynBio Day Integrating Technology and Socio-culture Perspective speakers:
    • Adi Nugroho Harlianto, S. Ked.
    • iGEM 2015 participant
    • Prof. dr. Zubairi Djoerban, Sp. PD-KHOM
    • Head of Indonesia AIDS Society Head of AIDS and STI Division at Ministry of Health Republic Indonesia
    • Dr. Ede Surya Darmawan, SKM, MDM
    • Health Policy and Administration Lecturer at FKM UI Head of Center for Health Administration and Policy Studies (CHAMPS)
    • dr. Adi Sasongko, MA
    • Health Promotion and Behavioral Science Lecturer at FKM UI Medical Doctor at Kusuma Bangsa
    • English Debating Society Universitas Indonesia
    • Ms. Pris (alias name)

    School Visit: Synthetic Biology & HIV-related Issues Engagement For Youth
    School principal, teachers and staffs from SMPN 184 East Jakarta, for grant our wish to conduct School Visit event
    Public Discussion Forum
    • Kantor Kelurahan Pekayon, Jakarta Timur (Pekayon Administrative Office)
    • All attending residents from Pekayon Administrative area, East Jakarta for actively participating and giving feedback during discussion.

    Street Interview:
    • Students and residents around city of Depok, West Java.
    • Street child workers (anak jalanan) around city of Bogor, West Java

    Special Talk for Social Studies
    • Haryo Ksatrio Utomo, S.Sos, M.Si.
    • (Researcher at University of Indonesia Center of Study for Government & Political Science Lecturer at Bung Karno University)
    • Genta Tenri Mawangi, S.Hum
    • (Journalist, Socioculture Observer)
    • Widi K.S.
    • (Head of Center of Study for State-owned Enterprise, Head of Young on Top Depok)
    • Mr. Cloud & Mr. Sand (alias name)
    • (as a voice of gay community)

        Financial and Funding Support

        • Universitas Indonesia
        • Tanoto Foundation
        • PT Perta Daya Gas
        • AJB Bumiputera
        • PT Sriboga
        • PT Bioneer Indonesia
        • PT Asabri
        • PT Pertamina EP
        • PT Bank Permata
        • PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical