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♦Biology Lab Safety Rules♦

♦Think responsibly & always think SAFETY ♦Avoid working in the laboratory unsupervised, especially when working with hazardous chemicals ♦Eating and drinking is NOT permitted in the laboratories. All food and drinks MUST be left outside of the lab ♦ALWAYS leave the lab cleaner than you found it! Wipe down bench and other lab surfaces. Always assume that spilled materials are dangerous ♦Wash hands thoroughly after handling toxic materials and when leaving the lab ♦Know the locations of all available safety equipment (eye wash, fire extinguisher, safety shower, first aid, phone & exits) ♦Keep alert to unusual and /or unpleasant odors and notify your instructor immediately ♦Evacuations in case of fire or earthquake: Exit building using the stairwell

♦Personal Protection Rules♦

♦Always wear eye protection (safety goggles or glasses) when necessary in specific labs ♦Contact lenses should NOT be worn in lab ♦Shorts or short skirts are NEVER allowed to be worn in lab. Cropped pants or longer shorts/skirts must come to mid-calf ♦Lab coats are required at ALL times ♦Do not wear clothing with loose sleeves or loose jewelry in lab ♦Closed toe shoes must ALWAYS be worn in labs ♦Long hair must tie it back

♦Chemical & Equipment Handling Rules♦

♦Discard all bio-hazardous materials in biohazard containers ♦Broken glassware should be discarded in special glass disposal containers located in all lab. A brush and dustpan is available to clean up broken glassware ♦Be aware of HOT surfaces and liquids (bunsen burners, hot plates, water baths, etc.) ♦Read chemical labels before removing any of the contents and observe any precautions listed ♦Never remove chemicals or other materials from the laboratory area unless pre-approved by the instructor ♦Examine glassware and equipment for any damage before use. Report any damage to instructor immediately ♦DO NOT use equipment if you are not properly trained