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♦Harry Bennett♦

Hey man, my name is Harry Bennett and I’m a Senior majoring in Biology because I enjoy learning how the world/life works.
A fun fact about me is that I’m on the swim team at school, swimming the individual medley. I also love skateboarding, surfing swimming, hiking, I hate wearing shoes, and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE eating sushi!

♦Ashley Cho♦

Hi!! My name is Ashley Cho and I'm currently attending cvhs as a sophomore still trying to figure out high school life. I enjoy researching and doing labs, but if I had free time to do whatever I want I would eat sushi and sleep. Fun fact: I can sleep up to 18 hours straight.

♦Lucas Echternach♦

My whole life I have been interested in science. When talking with my dad, that only grew exponentially. I joined iGEM because it was chance to put that into practice.

♦Caroline Higa♦

Hello, my name is Caroline Higa, an incoming 10th grader at La Canada High School. This is my first time on an iGEM team. I am working as the fundraising cordinator. Aside from being apart of iGEM, I am currently; Designing engineering curriculum for elementary school students, advocating for better working conditions in the fast food industry though writing and delivering speeches, and playing violin in an orchestra.
Fun fact: I do not like In- n- Out, even though I am "fortunate' enough to live in southern california, where In- n- Out is in abundance.

♦Alina Khzanyan♦

Alina is a Senior Biology major, a Second year iGEM competitor, and an internationally recognized professional hot cheeto consumer, from the spicy Jalapeño, to the hot Xtreme, she can eat them all. Alina loves iGEM because its a competition that relates to what she might want to do later in graduate school and possibly as an occupation. iGEM borderlines both science and creativity and thats why she participates in this magnificent competition.

♦Jade Ku♦

Jade Ku is a junior Biology major. She likes biology because she likes understanding how living things work and getting to do hands-on lab work. She wanted to do iGEM because she wanted to think outside the box, do something new, and get pushed outside of her comfort zone.
Her fun fact is that she speaks 2 dialects of Chinese: Mandarin and Cantonese.

♦Yichen Liu (Logan)♦

Logan is a sophmore at Crescenta Valley High School. He has a passion to become a better person, whether that be through academics or otherwise. Logan loves to spend his time dancing and learning new things. He loves to work with synthetic biology, and after taking a biotechnology class at his school, he joined the ULV-LC-CV iGEM Team to develop his synthetic biology skills. Logan loves to meet new people, and he visions himself as a highly respectable professional in the future.

♦Alec Lourenço♦

My name is Alec Lourenço, and I’m a junior at La Canada High School. I got interested in synthetic biology as a freshman and then participated on the Caltech 2014 team as a sophomore. Now I’m glad to have the opportunity to work on this fantastic team this year! Fun Fact: I am an absolute sucker for teas. I’ll Chai any type of tea, just as long as you don’t steep it Oolong. Oh, and I’m also from Florida

♦Micah Madrid♦

Micah Medrid is sophomore Biology major. He was born in Hawaii. He is interested in sustainability and in the future plans on obtaining a job in the field of synthetic biology or biotechnology. He joined iGEM because it gave him an opportunity to work on a project that aims to create a sustainable society such as biofuels. His hobbies include swimming, music, art and spending time outdoors.
Fun fact: He can sail and he has taught kids how to sail in Hawaii. He has also entered three different races.

♦Christos Menemenlis♦

Hi! My name is Christos Menemenlis. I'm pretty busy with being a junior in high school and iGem right now, but when i have free time I enjoy reading, running, swimming, learning, and long walks on the beach. A Fun Fact about me is that my Grandmother is considered to be royalty on the Greek island of Simi.

♦Adriana Moran♦

Adriana is a cheerful and friendly third year Biology major native to Chino, California. She enjoys Biology because its fun to learn about the world around her. When she isn’t studying or working at Joe’s Crab Shack Adriana enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Begin singing any song and Adriana will surely be able to name the song and sing along with you.
Fun Fact: Adriana loves the beach, but hates the water and sand

♦Andrew Okimura♦

Andrew is a fourth year Biology major here at the University of La Verne. As a biology major he is able to learn new things everyday because science is always changing. He is easy going and energetic. Although most of his time is spent in the lab or at swim, on his free time he enjoys playing basketball and spending time at the beach with his friends.
Fun Fact: loves to eat

♦Megan Sare♦

Yo, My name is Megan or my lab partners call me Meggles. I am a 3rd year Biology major and I want to become a doctor for the children. I like going our to eat with my friends with me free time. I don’t often respond to people when they talk to me unless you call me out by name a few times. I also really like sushi and Pokemon but not at the same time.

♦Jenny Wang♦

Hi I'm Jenny Wang and I'm a senior at La Canada High School. I find science very interesting, and I enjoy playing tennis and shotputting. I love trying exotic foods, traveling to different countries, and meeting new people and animals. Fun fact: I also fight in Taekwondo competitions and love guacamole.

♦Sung-Joon "Miles" Yun♦

My name is Miles “Sung-Joon” Yun. I am currently a Junior at LCHS. I enjoy science and history. I am a five time national winner in a nationwide fine arts competition, and I love public speaking. I also enjoy physical outdoor activities (especially biking). Fun Fact: I have traveled to over two dozen countries. I went on a science expedition to the Galapagos Islands with my dad for a NASA earthquake project and had to ride a horse for eighteen hours straight in order to visit all the stations around the volcanoes on the islands.


♦Jennifer Tsui♦

My name is Jennifer Tsui and I am a Biology Professor at the University of La Verne, but studied neuroscience in college. I enjoy biology because living things connect to everything and are complicated, but fascinating. I wanted to do iGEM because I am able to see students do amazing and creative projects.
A fun fact about me is that I love octopus because of how their brains development differently from humans.

♦Yousef Daneshbod♦

I am an associate professor of mathematics and my primary research interests are in the area of theoretical and computational mechanics. Specifically, I study the control, manipulation, and physics of fluids at small scales (microfluidics). Fun Fact: I am an avid arm wrestler!

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