The UMass Dartmouth iGEM team was formed in May of 2016. It began with the creation of the Synthetic Biology club, lead by undergraduate bioengineering students Austin Nykiel, Alexander Halliwell, Kevin Beshara-Flynn, and biology student Shao-Chieh Chen. Under the guidance of Dr. Christopher Brigham and Jacob Palmer, M.S., the group decided to dive into the scarcely studied waters of RNA thermometers. As the group pursued its research, it was met with the addition of several more undergraduate students looking to contribute to the project.

  • Dr. Christopher Brigham, PhD
  • Jacob Palmer, M.S.
Undergraduate Researchers
  • Austin Nykiel, senior bioengineering student
  • Kevin Beshara-Flynn, senior bioengineering student
  • Alexander Halliwell, junior bioengineering student
  • Shao-Chieh Chen, freshman biology student
  • Patrick McNeil, senior bioengineering student
  • Adam Anderson, junior bioengineering student
  • Shalini Paliwal, senior bioengineering student
  • Joseph Harrington, senior bioengineering student