iGEM UT-TOkyo 2016


iGEM Japan Kansai Forum

We join the forum hosted by iGEM Kyoto and exchanged ideas with our colleagues in Japan, iGEM Kyoto and KAIT and developed our own projects.

Modeling Support to iGEM Gifu

We carried out modeling on behalf of Gifu team, which had few experience on modeling. iGEM Gifu:Modeling

Modeling Workshop

On 16th August 2016, we held a workshop for Japanese iGEM teams with poor experience

on modeling. Tokyo-Tech along with us shared fundamental knowledge and skills with KAIT, Nokogen, Gifu teams by giving presentations. Two members of iGEM UT-Tokyo joined this workshop as presenter, and introduced basic knowledge to them, showing how we use modeling in our projects in 2015 and 2016.

May Festival

On the 14th and 15th October, 2016, we ran a booth at school festival in the University of Tokyo, named "May Festival", in collaboration with four iGEM teams in Japan;

Tokyo-Tech, Kyoto, Gifu and KAIT. Almost 150,000 visitors came to this festival, and we had a good opportunity to explain synthetic biology and our project to them. At the same time, each team gave some advice on the other teams' project.

iGEM Japan

The seven Japanese teams(UT-Tokyo, Tokyo-Tech, Kyoto, Gifu, Nagahama, KAIT and Nokogen) have collaborated together to get large support, such as ordering reagents to Promega. In addition, iGEM Japan also functions as a platform making it easy to contact and collaborate with other teams.

The Genetic Society of Japan

2016 Sep. 7th ,8th ,9th ,10th

Location: Department of International Relations, Nihon University, Mishima Campus

The Genetic Society of Japan: an academic meeting which researchers from all over Japan gather to, presenting and listening to each others' research.

Several presenting topics were set in the Genetic Society of Japan, among which we presented as the iGEM team of Japan. Participants include Gifu, Nagahama, Kyoto, Tokyo_Tech, UT-Tokyo, HokkaidoU and professors from Hokkaido University and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

We got a chance to make a 15 minutes presentation about our project at Symposium Workshop WS10-6 (18:15-18:30).

Symposium Workshop title: Genetics, Synthetic Biology and iGEM(International Genetically Engineered Machine)Activities by Undergraduate Students

We also listened to words from not only iGEM related people, but also professors in genetics, and received valuable advices.WS10-6 18:15-18:30

We are grateful to iGEM Nagahama for providing such a wonderful opportunity of discussion.(See Nagahama's Page)

Result: We were able to aware many researchers in genetics of iGEM and attract their attentions.

The Genetic Society of Japan, 88th Conference