Team:UoA NewZealand/Attributions


Special Thanks

Waste Management

  • Our Primary sponsor covering our research, travel, and registration costs. Without their support this project wouldn't have been possible.


  • Our second key sponsor. Biomatters enabled us to get all the people we needed over to Boston, and let us use their sweet sotware Geneious for free!

The University of Auckland Faculty of Science and School of Biology

  • For covering our initial registration costs and supporting us while we raised the money necessary to fund the overall project.


  • For providing administrative support to us and acting as a network for recruiting talented people into our team.


  • For acting on our behalf in negotiations with sponsors and waiving their usual negotiation fees.

Thanks to:

Associate Professor Shaun Lott

  • For Helping with troubleshooting, experimental design, protocol design, sourcing materials, and leading us undergraduate through in our darkest lab moments.

Associate Professor Klaus Lehnert

  • For mentoring us into getting the IGEM team started in University of Auckland, advice for experimental design, timeline.

David Goldstone & David Christie & John Taylor

  • For generously providing us a safe lab space.

Frankie Conroy & Kyle Webster

  • For being the best mother ducks, helping us with the day to day plans, being our main point of contact, supervising us on daily lab basis. Assist us on sorting out administrative work.

Ramon Quitales

  • For being our logo designer.


  • For additional guidance on coding the wiki page.

Professor Juliet Gerrard

  • For financial, strategic, administrative help. Generally making things work that would otherwise get stuck.

High School Principals & Teachers & Participated ACG Senior College, Aorere College, St Dominic's College students

  • For giving us their time to teach kids about iGEM/synthetic bio.


  • For negotiating the contract with WM for us behind the scenes.

Marsha & David (Waste management representatives.)

  • For being great points of contact with our sponsors and keeping us in the loop with contract signing.

Ethan Ewe & Olivia Fernandes

  • For being there in 2015 to mentor few of us into forming the team.

Team Work

Lab work

Jess Chiang, David Reeves, Irene Saxby, Grace Borichevsky

  • Performed all lab work and made up all stocks not explicitly mentioned above, and writing up experimental results.

May Alfante, Thai Nguyen

  • Assisted the undergraduate lab team in performing experiments and writing up experimental results.

Wiki page


  • For building up the wiki page and save us young biologists with his brilliant web developing talent.

Peter Wills, Justin Darroch, Jessica Chiang

  • For assisting structuring the wiki page and Bootstrapping the wiki.

Community engagement

Kevin Alexander Tang, Saajidah Shabnam

  • For organising high school meet-ups and present at high schools and being point of contacts for the school.

May Alfante, Jessica Chiang

  • For assisting presenting at high schools and being point of contacts for the school.


Grace Borichevsky, Chris Samson

  • For coming up with potential projects and finding the research directions.

David Reeves, Jessica Chiang, Irene Saxby, Peter Wills, Justin Darroch

  • For assisting coming up with potential projects and finding the research directions.

Graphic Design

Irene Saxby

  • For helping design the igem logo and provide design advices, and design the posters and presentations

Graphic Design


  • For helping design the igem logo and provide design advices

Industry Outreach

Grace Borichevsky, Jessica Chiang, Kyle Webster, Jane Luo

  • For finding our sponsors and spread the word for iGEM in NZ.


Irene Saxby, THu Ha Luu

  • Safety Control, and Writing up safety form


Jessica Chiang, David Reeves, Irene Saxby

  • For meeting up with teams overseas, organising meetups/skype sessions, and being the point of contacts to provide help for the other teams.


Jessica Chiang, David Reeves, Irene Saxby

  • For going all the way to Boston during exam time to present our project and meet up with the global iGEM Community.


Waste Management


University of Auckland

Faculty of Science

School of Biological Sciences