Team:BIOSINT Mexico/Notebook


Team BIOSINT_Mexico believes that science must be a common good, being useful for the development of the society. In this way, we think that science must be free and accessible for everybody around the world. Therefore our way to transcend in time is sharing the knowledge in a meaningful and effective way.

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-Preparation of Terrific Broth and LB Agar
-Preparation of Antibiotic stocks
-Hanahan Competent Cells
-Heat Shock Transformation of E. coli
-Plasmid purification by Miniprep
-Plasmid purification by Midiprep
-Electrophoresis Agarose Gel
-Restriction Digest
-Parts Ligation
-Cohesive-end restriction cloning of gBlocks ™ Gene Fragments


This time the BIOSINT_Mexico iGEM team had the opportunity to support the new Guanajuato_MX team. This team is made up of students from different universities, who with the intention of starting their experience in this competition, they decided to join efforts to carry out their project. Competition from synthetic biology, iGEM, is not only based on the successful completion of the main idea of ​​the project, but also has other areas of knowledge in which the teams must approach, the development of ethical attitudes and free spreading information are some of them, as well as integration between different teams.

Undoubtedly the support and collaboration between different institutions and iGEM team is vital to achieve this goal; there are many problems that arise throughout the development of the project to meet all the objectives; in this case the Guanajuato_Mx team, with all their encourage decided to participate in the annual version of Interlab Study, nevertheless, its iGEM kit was unfortunately not given them, so this study could hardly do. Fortunately for both teams, we were able to be in contact and because BIOSINT_Mexico did have its kit, with great spirits was given them the necessary material, to perform their Interlab Experiment and still participate in the study.

That was how Guanajuato_Mx began working to achieve its mission, were later presented other problems, some doubts were clarified between both teams to get results. Finally, although it was a mutual effort to achieve results, different conditions make it impossible to get them; however, the collaboration was always the best intentions of continuous improvement between the teams.

Guanajuato_Mx, thank you for allowing us to work with you and make us participants in these activities, It will be always a pleasure to participate in this kind of stuff whose sole intention is to spread the knowledge in the best way possible, making friends.


We would like to thank each of the individuals and organizations that made this project possible.

General support

To Ing. Salvador Coutiño, General director of Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro.

To Ing. José edgardo Pérez Hermosillo, Director of the DIA (División de Ingeniería y Arquitectura) at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro, for helping us to get fund and always providing support to our team.

To Ing, Ángel Ramírez, Director of Concyteq, for helping us to get fund.

To Juanjo, Gaby, Mariana and Jimmy, members of previous igem Biosint team, who provided a great emotional support and with the realization of the camp. You are the best! Again!

General support

To Seth Olvera Fajardo, Jaime and Federico for being patient with us, and providing technical support with the lab equipment

To our Advisors, Marcos, Hectorina, Ashu and Trent, for guiding us in the lab activities, and being there to support us when things started to go down.