Team:BNDS China/Collaborations


As the first time taking part in iGEM, collaborating with other teams has really helped us out from troubles.

We have build our connection with four other teams.

With BHU_China

BHU_China is the first team that we had met. Both of us are new iGEM teams in 2016, so we only talked about our projects.

With SDSZ_China

Both of us are high school teams with Beijing, China. We have met each other for twice. The first time we have introduced each other’s project. At that time we did not register for the Giant Jamboree. It was SDSZ_China that remind us of the Giant Jamboree registration, hotel booking, flight tickets purchasing!

Thanks to team SDSZ_China’s help with TAKARA restriction enzymes. Our enzymes were denatured after delivered from the company. Without SDSZ’s help, we are not able to assemble our part.


Talking with a team in university has really inspired us. Because we are still teenagers that have never worked in the lab before, whenever we failed our experiments, guides from the UCAS team members have helped us out from trouble and saved us tons of time. When we had just started our experiments, our electrophoresis graphs were terrible. Fortunately, team members from UCAS taught us some skills of analyzing potential causes that lead to an unfavorable result, which is not only useful for the competition but also critical for our further studies. We also had a problem with our protocols. Then the team members from UCAS enlightened us with altering several factors by designing control experiment groups. Without their help, we are not able to read our results in a critical way and develop good habits of researching.

They also contributed us 1.5 ml of chloromycetin which make our bacteria culture much more easier.


Collaborating with CIEI has solved our problem with Giant Jamboree participation. Also, team CIEI has given us a chance to have companies at the same age. This time, we had not only accepted helps from other teams, we had also helped team CIEI to find hotels that are more convenient and economical.

Despite their contribution to our Giant Jamboree participation, CIEI also helped us with approving us to use the lab at the Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. With their advanced equipment, we got our final succeed. At their lab, they did the PCR amplification of Orai1 for us and provided the reagents needed for digestion and ligation (e.g. the plasmid pSB1C3, Phusion DNA polymerase, Taq DNA polymerase, PCR purification kit, gel purification kit). Thanks for their generosity and patience, we had really enjoyed the competition!