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This is the photo of our energetic and outstanding team!

You can find every member of our team with his or her own photo and description below!

Hello, my name is David Brackett, and I’m the Advanced Placement chemistry teacher at Beijing National Day School, as well as the secondary PI for the BNDS-China iGEM group. I received my doctorate degree in chemistry from the University of California, Davis, where I studied the physical characteristics and spectroscopic properties of an RNA aptamer interacting with small molecules.

After my doctorate degree, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington in the department of Biochemistry. I investigated the alternative splicing of the Fmr1 gene in mouse brain, a gene that causes moderate to severe mental retardation in humans.

Prior to joining Beijing National Day School, I was a professor of chemistry at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon.

Xiangmei Dou is our advisor and also a biology teach at Beijing National Day School. She got her PhD at Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Science. In recent years, Doctor Dou has published several articles on Biology Teaching and Bulletin of Biology.

I am Xiaoling Yao, the primary PI of BNDS_China. I have been teaching in the international department of Beijing National Day School for more than two years. My background is molecular biology focusing on metabolism pathways. The kids in BNDS are smart and creative. I really like working with and teaching them. They have great ideas in igem project and they worked extremely hard to make it become true. And the problem we are going to solve is so important and practical.

Hi, I am Zhongxiu Hu. I am an eleventh grader from Beijing National Day School. This year, I am the Team Leader of BNDS_China. Being a synthetic biologist is always my dream. (Sometimes I just want to sleep in the lab.) Art is also another giant part of my life. More than dancing and music, I love every form of it.

I’m Yingwen Guo, a senior student from Beijing National Day School. I plan to study environmental science in the future and put effort in environment protection, so it’s a great pleasure for me to participate in the iGEM competition with a team aiming on produce soft water more efficiently. I enjoy the time either doing the lab or having team discussion, when we donate our effort in solving environment problems. Moreover, this competition provides me the opportunity to study the knowledge out of the book and it gives me the chance to meet a group of excellent scientists. It is so lucky for me to be part of the iGEM, and I hope what we do can really help the world.

Hi! I am Alban (Li Yunpeng). I should say I am a researcher of this team. Basically, I enjoyed the time in lab, because I like to be involved in a research program. Though this is not the first time, it is the most meaningful experience to me because we are doing a lot of things on our own for our own topic. Things really get different when we are doing things for ourselves. While doing all the experiments, I like the sense of expectation, waiting for the results, and hoping everything had and would go well.

I’m Andy (Luo Xin) from BNDS A-level program. I’m in my third year of high school. My job in our team is to suggest a topic and engage in lab activities. By joining this team, I aim to learn some basic lab skills and understand how a synthetic biology experiment is done. The time I got to know synthetic biology was in my second year in high school. At that time, I heard a Canadian high school student had synthesized a special type of bacteria, enabling it to clean up plastics waste in a river. I was amazed by how conveniently the problem was addressed and that using synthetic biology to solve problems is not too complicated, for a high school student at least. I soon realized that synthetic biology was a great tool to solve problems in environment, energy and healthcare. I believe it still has many untapped potential and my goal in the future is to develop it and makes it a common tool to solve not only big problems but our daily problems as well.

Greetings, everybody! I’m Michael Wang from Beijing National Day School Grade 11, international program. I feel grateful to be a member of our school’s IGEM team and to discover a brand new method correlates to water purification. As a passionate worker I am in charge of going through the actual experiment and practical methods. I have learnt a lot from my teammates, our team mentor as well as some other students who shared the same interest of the topic as I do. I am pretty confident that our team can accomplished our task through our hardworks!

Hello, my name is Wang Ziqi. I am a 12 graders in Beijing National Day School. I have studied biology for over three years, and I really love this subject. The intention of my doing iGEM competition was to brainstorm as much as possible and to learn more technologies which I didn’t get chance to study on. There are many talent students in my team, so I have learned a lot from them as well. After doing iGEM for few months, I think I am more erudite. I gain lots of knowledges about lab, for example, I know how to make LB medium, how to do the electrophoresis, etc.. As far as I am concerned, studying in a lab can nurture not only our scientific knowledge, but also our manual dexterity and ability. Therefore, I really encourage others to come and attend this competition if they want. I think iGEM helps me a lot.

Hi, I’m Ellen Yuanyi Xu from Beijing National Day School Grade 12. I’ve taken Biology for 2 years and it’s so glad for me to participate iGEM competition with my wonderful teammates. I enjoy the moment of staying in the lab for hours and come up with a successful result! Doing the project teaches many new things outside textbook, and I can demonstrate Biological concepts that used be vague and far away from me. Working with my brilliant teammates offer me a chance to learn more and I really appreciate the moment we spend together. I’m pretty sure we will achieve our goals in iGEM!

Hi! I am Daniel (Xiong Hongliang). I am a 11th grade student from Beijing National Day School. My responsibility in the team is to set up the team wiki page and construct the model of the protein ORAI1 V102A. This competition provided me a great opportunity to extend my ability and expand my view. During the competition, I learned more webpage editing techniques. Also, I met more outstanding people while learning from them, making my interpersonal communication skill improved a lot. Besides my competition, I enjoy playing the piano in my spare time. I also play few kinds of sports as of interests. But mostly I am interested to study in biology or computer science.

Hey guys, this is Yao Yifei (or call me Jason if you wish so), the so called “tech guy” in the team. I’m in charge of building and styling the wiki site that you are looking at right now, and……that’s all. I’m really glad to be a part of this IGEM team because I hold a strong interest in biology. I mean, although I don’t want to major in it in the future, but isn’t it interesting to develop a new kind of bacteria that has special effects like softening water? It’s like playing the role of God. Of course I learned a lot from my teammates as well, like a lot of fundamental knowledge about DNA replication and PCR and things like those. This is a beneficial experience for me, and I really enjoy the time I spent with my teammates.

Hi! This is Eva, Yu Hao, from Beijing National Day School Grade 11. I believe that we should continue learning throughout our lives, and this IGEM experience has brought me into a really exciting world of biology. I saw for real how lives, from bacterias to human, can be so different, and learned lots of things from my teammates, who taught me how to collaborate with others and face both the success and the failures.

Hello there, this is Isaac (Zhang Yuxuan) from Beijing National Day School. As a senior, I have decided what to do when I am in college, I want to be an engineer and the experience in IGEM has helped me a lot. I appreciate all of the teachers and co-workers not only for their effort on this project but also for leading me to a whole new world of genetic engineering. Hopefully, I will take advantage of the knowledge I have got and help the project to move forward. By the way, people appraise me because I did some fine artwork for the project. The prototype of the team logo was made by me, and I am proud of it too.

Zhao Tianlin is an eminent student outstanding for his ability of recognizing details. He is one of the members of the experimenters for his cautiousness and has a strong eagerness to understand every processes of the experiment so that the team can stick to its goals without being influenced by unrelated evidences. During the experiment, he can always provide his teammates a suitable condition for experiments and verifies the result by checking if there is malfunctioning of the machines. Without him, this team is definitely incomplete for the lack of a supporting character.