Prof. Zhu Xudong
Gave us important guidance on the project design and experiments.
Prof. Yang Dong
Solved many problems occured in our experiments and project designing process.
Prof. Xiang Benqiong
helped us solve many problems we confused about in both experiments and finance,
Who is very necessary and meaningful to the whole project.
Mr. Chen Jinbo
Lab Chief, helped making our experiments well-organized.
Hao Xiaoran
Offered us advice on our experiments and helped us solve problems during our project.


Huo Liang, Ai Ying, Dai Yuanyi and Wang Xuan
Offered us advice on our experiments and helped us solve problems during the process.

Supporting Colleges

Researcher Zheng Dong provided technique support for transmission electron microscope.
We used Varian plasma cleaner PDC-32G to pretreat our samples for transmission electron microscope.
Prof. Qin Genji, Prof. Chen Jianguo, Prof. Teng Junlin and Researcher Qian Weiqiang gave us plasmids containing target genes.

Collabrative Teams

SYSU provided us opportunities to communicate with other teams.
Gave us some signal peptides and useful advice.
offered us helpful advices and we also had a collaboration together.

Technical Support

Prof. Ren Haiyun , Prof. Li Sen, Prof. Xiang Benqiong, Prof. Liang Qianjin, Prof. Dou Fei, Technician Li Wanjie, Technician Liu Jin, Technician Xi Chao, Technician Jin Xi, Technician Liu Kai, Technician Song Hongtao, Technician Xue Xiuhua, Technician Yin Yanxia Zhang Jinzhe, Ren Zhanhong, Su Zehao, Zhang Yaqin, Hu Yu’ning, Li Shanwei, Du Pingzhou, Han Yang, Li Huiyong, Feng Fen, Xu Jinkun, Zhang Zihui, Chen Yushan, Yu Xiangyu, Wang Xiaokang, Xu Pengfei, Hong Fan