Our project aims to use engineered tubulin proteins to screen microtubule-stabilizing anticancer agents(anti-microtubue agents). The strain we use to express the α-C-luciferase and α-N-luciferase is E.coli Trans5α, E.coli TransB(DE3) and E.coli Rossetta(DE3), which are not known to be pathogenic in immunocompetent individuals. Our product proteins are also easy to be degraded in the natural environment. They work in the lab condition and can show more light when microtubule-stabilizing agents exist, for this kind of agent can conspicuously stabilize the tubulin polymerization in vitro.

After a series of experiment accidents, experiment safety is now a noticeable problem in Chinese colleges. As a consequence, though our organisms and plasmids are relatively safe, we take many measures to ensure the safety of our project. First, we only culture the engineered strain in lab and the whole process is under strict control. This prevents the gene pollution. Second, we strictly follow the rules of experimental equipment we use, especially the High-Pressure Steam Sterilization Pot and the centrifuge, which take a risk to have accidents. Third, we follow the lab rules all the time:

  • No slippers and pants would be permitted in lab. Close­toed shoes will be worn at all times in the lab.
  • Gloves and medical mask is ordered when working in the labs, especially with some aerosolizing agents, such as SDS.
  • Hands must be washed before leaving the lab area. And lab coats will be worn when working with bacterial cultures.
  • No food or drink will be allowed in the lab.
  • All bench space will be wiped down with 75% EtOH before and after use, and be exposed to UV for twenty minutes before use.
  • All unnecessary equipments will be unplugged and removed from bench after use.