Project Design and Wet Lab Experiments

Under the supervision of Prof. Zhu Xudong, Prof. Yang Dong, and Prof. Xiang Benqiong etc, nearly all team members have taken part in the project designing process, especially those of wet lab group. Jingyu Zhao, Xinyu Liu, Jingqiu Lan are responsible for designing the experimental patterns and guided different parts of the project.


Zhiyao Chen is the leader of modeling group, who mainly enrolled in designing the modeling details and was responsible for the collaboration with FAFU-CHINA in modeling. Zebang Li, Yujing Gao and Zexue He also do a great many works in the modeling group, such as information searching, paper writing and equipment appilication.

Wiki Construction

Xin Lv, who has led the web design group to build the wiki, together with group members Zitan Chen and Chengfei Peng.

Graphic Design

Shiyu He and Caixuan Xiao really do a fantastic work in graphic and web design. They all make great efforts in designing our team logo, website, poster, souvenir, T-shirt and so on.

Human Practice

Jingyu Zhao, Fansen Ji, Ye Tian and Nan Rong have organized a series of activities for Policy and Practice, like Mini-iGEM competition, interview in Pecking Union Medical College Hospital and so on. Some group members as Xinyu Liu, Yuhong Zou and Liufeng Dai play a significant role in planning and organizing the activities. Nearly all of our group members took parts in different activities.

Attributions details

Jingyu Zhao
Team leader

Wet lab group leader (biobricks construction, microtubulin protein expression)
Daily activities arrangement and personnel management
Human practice
Xinyu Liu
Wet lab group leader (design of project, parts improvement)
Management of the team
Construction of the biobricks
Jingqiu Lan
Wet lab group leader
Design of project, constructing parts and purifying tubulin protein
Ye Tian
Parts improvement, constructing parts
Nan Rong
Wet lab part (constructing parts)
Human Practice
Liufeng Dai
Wet lab part (constructing standard biobricks, fusion PCR)
Yuhong Zou
Wet lab part (constructing standard biobricks, fusion PCR)
Fansen Ji
Organizing activities of Human Practice
Qian Xue
Basic lab work and essay writing
Shiyu He
Contributed to wiki and art
Graphic Design (website design, logo of the team and T-shirt)
Caixuan Xiao
Art designing
Graphic Design (website design, logo of the team and T-shirt)
Zhiyao Chen
Leader of Modeling part
Helped FAFU with works in modeling part
Zebang Li
Mathematical modeling, building some models to study some parameters of tubulin
Yujing Gao
Member of the modeling group
Building statistical modeling with the biological knowledge
Xin Lv
Leader of wiki group
Building web pages, some parts of modelling work
Zitan Chen
Website construction
Chengfei Peng
Constructing the website
Zexue He
Website designing
Yutong Wu
Wet lab (extracting and purifying of the tubulin)
Junchen Deng
Paticipating in topic selection and working on wet lab
Zekai Wu
Participating in team building and take part in human practice