Team:Gaston Day/Attributions

Allocation of work

All students on Gaston Day's IGEM team takes part in all activities, from ligations to transformations. However, we have designated leaders in certain areas, William Henry in Web Development, Lydia Goff in Human Practices, Will Hayes in Modeling, and Lillith Tang in Lab Work.

Our Leaders

We would like to thank our instructor Ms. Anne Byford for all the generous support she has given us. Additional thanks goes out to Dr. Black, our Adviser. We also want to give a shout out to any people we did not mention and helped with the project. Your work was appreciated.


We would also like to thank our sponsors: IDT, Edvotek, New England Biolabs, Gaston Day School, The Henry Family, The Hall Family, Labarchives, and Sign Smart for their contributions to the project.